Sunday, December 30, 2012

PATIENCE...How Many In The Industry Will Build Instead of DESTROY...

It was 1991 and we were all set to sign on the dotted line for management when all of a sudden one of the industry's finest mentors made sure to read over the contract to see that we were selling ourselves short in the long run while gaining a hefty advance in the beginning. 

Ok, so here we are 21 years later and what seems to be a long journey really is not due to the fact that we would have made a vital mistake in our career by NOT PAYING ATTENTION! Never underestimate the power of a good team and doing your homework.  Back during college I began to understand the power of networking for the good of everyone...You see, by networking outside of class and forming study groups, we learned to depend on one another to give the best answer for the whole group so that we could all have a unified assignment done by the time class was in session.

If people actually learned this principle in defining their career we'd all be a closer to having the kind of industry that we want to see.  Of course many artists sell themselves to the highest bidder when in fact as a group we could drive the industry that WE BUILT in the direction where we want it to go.

So, my question to you during this 5th day of the KWANZAA SEASON is WHAT IS YOUR PURPOSE WITH YOUR CAREER? Is it just to make a dollar  to meet your dream? Is it to change or improve on what has been done? Or is it just to make the road smoother for the people coming behind you?

Sure, many of us get in the industry to be the best, most innovative, creative, talked about, etc...But how many of us have the integrity not to compromise to the point where we shut the door of truth on those behind us who'll never know until they experience the many ups and downs of it.  How many of us will open the doors of opportunity for those who come behind us to learn HOW TO DEAL with this thing we love called THE ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY?

There is so much more to say on this, but I want to hear from you all because there is so much work to do.

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