Friday, November 30, 2012

Talking About A Revolution....

When I heard the song, "Talkin' 'bout a Revolution" in the late 80's by the creative Tracy Chapman I remember playing the track so much from an audiotape that it actually popped and I had to go borrow the album from a college friend.  Here it is 24 years later and finally we're not talking about a REVOLUTION, but beginning a REVOLUTION!

This is when INNOVATION MEETS REVOLUTION.  As many companies search for ways to get their message out there and as people around the world are looking for more ways to connect a new company has emerged. (OVNTV) has just launched the most innovative advancement for tech enthusiasts; small, mid and large businesses; and more importantly the global entertainment community who are able to deliver content as seen or in most cases NEVER BEFORE SEEN content to an audience that spans every country in the world!

OVNTV has been able to launch a worldwide tech movement with some of its partners that is revolutionizing the way people watch television; how businesses are able to reach out to the global market for a fraction of what they spend in the traditional market; and leveling the playing field for those whose movies, videos and other such content would otherwise have to go straight to dvd without ever knowing who's in their market for their product/content.

Since the wider use of the Internet as well as mobile applications is well underway it comes as no surprise that such a company as OVNTV would be birthed.  More than 2 billion people are on the Internet globally and the amount of mobile app users is growing faster than the Internet users daily.  To date, China, India and the U.S. are among the most mobile app users in the world which means alot to businesses looking for market share in these countries.  Some of the secondary users are from such countries as, the UK, Mexico, Spain, Singapore and France among many African and Middle Eastern countries.  So, to say that this is REVOLUTIONARY to have at your fingertips is an understatement and we plan to connect with as many people as possible to connect our world.

We'd love for you to join us as a subscriber and/or content provider as well as an advertiser!

Reach out to us to learn more: 201-500-5087

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