Wednesday, September 5, 2012

How Creating Your NETWORK Will Help You Increase Your NETWORTH

When we set out a little over 10 years ago to bring news and information about Japan to the independent artists who were in the U.S. we didn't know what to expect.  Having taken the often aggressive social marketing approach and really getting out there to the artists who are serious we've been having the time of our lives.

The best thing about helping the Independent Artist discover a whole new market or gain even more ground in an international market is by far the reason why we continue to get out there; talk to artists and provide an otherwise voice to the voiceless when it comes to growing your brand internationally.

We want to help you too!

That's why we created the FACEBOOK GROUP: while at the same time opening doors that would otherwise be closed.

Take for instance helping artists brand themselves through traditional high profile marketing.  By running your commercial for an upcoming or current project during a major show or popular show on cable is by far worth thousands of dollars.  Yet, we help to drive that cost down by creating a network to increase our NET WORTH!

By sharing the resources we have with artists, labels, businesses, etc we're able to get the kind of rates that are affordable while giving YOU MAXIMUM EXPOSURE!

We're ready to help you get out there TOO!

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