Monday, March 5, 2012

Independent Music Taking Over The World

You know, you can still have a major career without having a major label deal! From Jae Magic (South Africa) to Price (Toronto, Canada) and as well many others are breaking the seal on the silence in the industry for good music. 
As the premiere agency for independent artists to gain international media attention, QMediaNation is making an impact for artists who otherwise are turned down by traditional labels.  They opt for the independent approach  while others fight for listeners and media attention with already over saturated avenues and look for outlets that will give FULL ATTENTION to the artists who take their career to the next level without depending on the BIG labels.  As independent labels begin to gain ground (18% world market share), QMediaNation  is there to help the independent global artist market themselves to audiences worldwide.
It has been said that the most any artist needs is distribution, promotion and MEDIA....this is what QMediaNation is making happen and we want to HELP YOU TOO!!!
As you look at the graph NOTICE that WE'RE IN THE BLACK!
We are in prime position to make it grow even more....Where will you fit in?

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