Wednesday, October 26, 2011

You're Just Another Part of ME!

Michael Jackson sang this to us and it's only the beginning of what we started here at QMedia.  When we got this all together, we were thinking that it could benefit the masses, but then we realized that the masses don't benefit if they stay separated from the tools and skills needed to market themselves. 

It's a movement to date that is responsible for countless careers and untold millions, yet it seems that too often artists that are supposedly on their grind fail to make themselves known with the resources that are available.  The industry is saturated with "WANNA-BE'S" and "HAVE NOTS", but there are SUCCESS stories that center around artists helping each other.  The kind of help that translates into A LIVING and they're always willing to make their case to the fans who are coming to their shows, linking with them through their social networks, supporting them by buying their songs and even more helping the artists brand themselves across the world.

We're a part of each other in this business of ENTERTAINMENT which is by far the best industry to be in, but we've got to make strides too!  Join us and take it to the next level! 

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