Thursday, October 27, 2011

QMedia Making It Possible

QMedia....making it possible for artists to get their music out to the masses and for the masses to get what they love!  It's been 10 years and we're still here!  What many thought would be our demise actually became a stepping stone and here we are....10 stones later and we're here.

Tonight, as we bring the genre we love closer together, I am reminded of how much work it's been to just keep the lights on; feed the flock who come through the doors and more importantly how to keep on pushing through the storm.  Always thankful for the brothers and sisters who make every step worthwhile as we move to FREEDOM in a quest to share our talent and gain a profit in doing so.

I want those who are with us to understand that we're making strides even if others may not think so and we've been able to take an approach that makes others want to get on with us too!  So, we're opening a new channel on YouTube that will help artists get their ROYALTIES by fans clicking on YOUR videos.

This is big news for artists who only get you can get VIDEO PLAY ROYALTIES as, we're looking forward to serving your needs!


This kid is the hottest kid in the camp!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

You're Just Another Part of ME!

Michael Jackson sang this to us and it's only the beginning of what we started here at QMedia.  When we got this all together, we were thinking that it could benefit the masses, but then we realized that the masses don't benefit if they stay separated from the tools and skills needed to market themselves. 

It's a movement to date that is responsible for countless careers and untold millions, yet it seems that too often artists that are supposedly on their grind fail to make themselves known with the resources that are available.  The industry is saturated with "WANNA-BE'S" and "HAVE NOTS", but there are SUCCESS stories that center around artists helping each other.  The kind of help that translates into A LIVING and they're always willing to make their case to the fans who are coming to their shows, linking with them through their social networks, supporting them by buying their songs and even more helping the artists brand themselves across the world.

We're a part of each other in this business of ENTERTAINMENT which is by far the best industry to be in, but we've got to make strides too!  Join us and take it to the next level! 

Thursday, October 20, 2011

YouTube Aint Social No More! WE BRING YOU MONEY!

YouTube used to be just social, but now you can get royalties! We will be starting our new channel soon.  To get a taste of the quality we're looking for please go to our current bideo channel:

We're doing what we NEED TO DO to get you ROYALTIES.....Sure, you can get airplay, but why just get that when we can get you CLICKTHROUGH ROYALTIES too!  We want you!  If this is of interest to you we are taking 1st come, 1st serve so drop us an email:  SUBJECT LINE: Video Royalties


Finally, the Independent Entertainment Market is RISING and we're in the forefront!  There is a way now for you to be up there with the big boys getting your advertising campaign out there...Campaigns are beginning IMMEDIATELY and we're here for you! So, here's the # and we're ready to serve you!


Monday, October 17, 2011

We're Now Making It Accessible For You To Get Commercials On TIME WARNER

We've made it possible for you to get your commercials on the TIME WARNER cable network! We have areas available IMMEDIATELY for California and Texas and we'll be opening more markets.  So, if you and your team are ready to take it to the BIG LEAGUE and reach your fans directly through commercials on BET, MTV and other networks we can help you.....We are looking for some of the hottest artists in the INDEPENDENT INDUSTRY!


"Been Thru The Fire" By Vet Reeves