Sunday, May 1, 2011

Taking Control: It's A Matter of Life and Death For Your Business

"As we proceed to give you what you need..." was a line back in the day when we were in this thing called, "ENTERTAINMENT" just for the love of it.  When we found out that there was plenty of money to be made off of our talents and that we could make more of it just by taking control of our talent and thereby the industry then we knew that we could make a fortune just at the click of a mouse.  As with anything we have to promote, promote, promote and then promote again and that's where it all begins for us in any business. 

Whether it's entertainment, sports or even a Wall Street Banker (whatever that is anymore) it's all about taking control.  I will tell you something, when I first started out at the tender age of 9 loving Hip Hop I never knew that it would be my life's mission to be some kind of force as well as provide an outlet for up and coming "ALLSTARS" who are destined to shape the world of music.  Now, over 30 years in the game it has taken me to make the twists and turns in this business to understand just one thing and that is....TAKE CONTROL.

As with anything you want to just make money and do what you love, but what good is making money you have no control over so that when the lean times come you have nothing to show for the hard work; and more importantly what good is giving your talent to the world and the minute you stop or want to switch up your game plan, then you're dead in the water.

The first rule in taking control is to be clear that it's something that you want to do.  Not just that you want to dream about taking control, but that you actually make a plan, stick to it and of course execute that plan to the fullest!  Taking control is the essential part of being and of course staying independent in any business, but knowing what it means to take control has to be your unique plan.  Taking control means something different to each person and maybe you're the kind who just wants 5% or 25% control or maybe more or less however, when you make the decision to take control it has to first be on your terms and then you can go about the business of taking the kind and amount of control you need.

The decision for me came when I knew that I no longer just wanted to be behind the microphone, but that I wanted to produce my own music, develop my own market, make my own sales, create my own events, take in the lion's share of the profits, helping others learn to do the same and more importantly to invest in solid projects, products, systems and relationships that could help me stay in business for years to come.

In order for me to do this I had to set up a plan and then work to put it into effect everyday, but the first order of business was to see what my goal was and then work backwards from there.  Some have asked me, "why would you work backwards?"  My simple answer was, "in order for me to enjoy the benefits of my labor, I mean the ultimate result which would be my goal, I wanted to see how much work I would need to put in to get there."  

For example, my end result or goal is to be free to work whenever, wherever with whomever I want and to live prosperously for the rest of my life.  Now maybe for you that's too far ahead so in that case you'd modify that goal to a shorter term goal, but for me that's what I chose.  In order for me to have that happen I have to set in motion some key initial steps in order to work towards that eventual goal and that means EFFORT.  Not just sporadic effort, but daily, weekly, monthly, bi-monthly steps that are in line with my ultimate or eventual goal.

So, as I close this session and put a check mark next to one of my steps which is WRITING to my blog community I am learning that to communicate my goal and making small or large steps everyday are essential.  It doesn't matter how many or even if they are small or large it's that those steps have to be consistent.  As you make the choice to take control everyday towards that eventual goal know that the little voice of negativity  or laziness is going to whisper to you and the best action to take to drown out that voice is to TAKE ACTION and TAKE CONTROL!

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