Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Taking Out This Time

As unbelievable as everything is in my home away from home JAPAN, it is the constant frame of mind that WE SHALL OVERCOME that sticks with me.  Having been gone for a few years and building our network better in the U.S. and Australia the sadness looms of everyday images of men, women and children looking weary under this disaster.  Just a few days ago we were all at QMedia wondering when our return would be to Japan because we're ready to get to work on the many projects that lie ahead, yet there was another plan at hand and now what seemed to be possible will now need to wait.

It's hard going from day to day not knowing from one day to the next what other news we're going to hear and seeing the projections of how many people are expected to die over time with this Nuclear threat.  However, I am reminded that these people, my people, my adopted land knows about RESILIENCY!  The kind of snap back that took them from devastation in World War II to becoming a Superpower right along with the same country and in some cases ahead of the same country that brought about their demise.

That land affectionately known as, "The Land of The Rising Sun" we pray will be that nation to rise again as we too are rising and that we will continue on this journey of LIFE even though the road seems dark.  We look forward to seeing a better Japan a place where there is no death and that people once again will live to their fullest!  Long Live Japan and it's PEOPLE!

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