Monday, March 28, 2011

The Sum of All Fears Is Internal

When we learned of the disaster that had taken place in Japan everyone pointed out the most poignant aspect of what was unfolding and that was the tremendous calm that the people had as they were without chiefly, ANSWERS.  Answers to the questions of why this happened, when would it be over, how could they make it through and who would come to their aid.

It's been a little over two weeks and while the news is still edging on total disaster due to a potential nuclear meltdown it is also a time to learn something about the Japanese people and what to do during a crisis.  STAY CALM!  As I lived and worked there consistently over these past ten years it never ceased to amaze me the calmness fo a society that has been devastated many times during their history and how they have maintained dignity in the face of total annihilation.

As people looking in and as they live through this horror everyday I see the resiliency of a people who are determined to survive.  To build, grow and ultimately rise again.  As I pay attention I see what many others do not and that's the mind to overcome the external factors by maintaining a clear perception that they are a unit.  A unit that will never be broken and whose hearts are not full of fear, but of triumph even in the face of death.  This leads me to other thoughts as an artist and business owner.

When I began QMedia it was my time in that tiny nation where I learned that I had something to offer others who were in the U.S. and elsewhere an opportunity to do business in Japan and so an idea was born.  Throughout these years of growth and development I've learned that the passion you hold is more dear than any fear that should come up to control you.  To know that there is nothing to fear when you have faith to the fullest in yourself and the world around you, but more importantly faith in a vision of survival! And although from one day to the next the people of Japan do not know what's going on and how they will make it I am confident that they will rise from this an even better people.

We love our family in Japan and we want you to rise again!

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