Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Secondary Income, Primary Results

When we thought of beginning a company that would be a resource and outlet for independent artists we knew that it would be one of the biggest feats of our lives.  As we started out in Japan with no contacts, resources, outlets, Facebook, Twitter and anything other than a computer and a dream it was beautiful to see how things have unfolded over the past ten years.  With every twist and turn we've learned somethings and there's one thing that we'd love to share.

As we've been helping independent artists develop their careers on and offline with a special emphasis on performing, airplay and club play; it's been a hell of a ride financially as we design creative marketing strategies for them.  As world economies have taken a global turn for the worse and most often entertainment being a "cornered" market we discovered that many of us as independent entertainment consultants have to create secondary businesses to support our primary passion.

First and foremost we started out as artists in the industry and quickly learned that we had to develop a keener business acumen and begin taking the bull by the horns! As soon as we took control of the "how" to finance our primary business with secondary business interests it was then that we began to grow.  As a suggestion to each and every person in entertainment who strives to stay independent WE MUST LEARN "HOW" TO FINANCE OUR PRIMARY INTERESTS!

Now, it took some getting used to: proper scheduling, a shift in interests an emphasis on maintaining good relationships & the ability to keep the focus as to why you're doing this other business, then you're on your way to major independent success.

The best way to describe this is to understand that once your system is in place with the above points and some of your own, then you have a foundation to begin taking your profits and putting them to good use on your PASSION!  I want to point out here that when many of us start out on this path of independence we clearly want to make strides not strikes to build an unstoppable machine that will make paths for your career and those whom you will support.

During these ten years we've made alot of mistakes and are all the better for it, but more importantly the information we are supplying along with the encouragement and outlets for artists like YOU we are poised to take this industry BY STORM!

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