Monday, February 14, 2011

Developing A Cyber Presence

Cyber Marketing is nothing new to many of you however, do we really know what it takes to market and make sales with it?  As with any business,making money is the goal and sustaining what your business is about is what we call "BRANDING".  Developing a presence sets the tone and leads you into many doors that would otherwise be closed.  I was laughing earlier today when a young man called to let me know that he could have us "black balled" in the industry because I didn't share his thoughts on music marketing.  My immediate response was to just laugh in my head at the statement because little does he know the way we do business now is totally different from 20, 10 or even 5 years ago.

Multi-branding, cross-promoting and so many other techniques are out there and the world is waaaay smaller to many of us than it was before.   So, my laughter was more about the prospect of gaining new people to deal with than running after someone who believes they've arrived and have cornered the market on making themselves known in the industry.

Developing a following through social networking and so many other ways is here and it is definitely growing because even the "BIG DAWGS" are doing it.  Remember folks, it's our industry and no one can take it from us!   Let us know what you're doing to make it happen FOR YOU!

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