Friday, February 18, 2011


Getting yourself out there in the mainstream market is a plan.  It first starts with you taking your career more serious than your manager, promoter or anyone in your camp.  This is a word of advice...if you don't take what you do serious, then no one else will or the resources that are out there for you to use will be useless if you don't take advantage of what's at your fingertips.

Social media marketing, independent radio, affiliations, promotions, performances, downloads and all other forms of independent media & marketing are of no use if you don't put a plan of action together from the start.  No one is going to be more to you than you are to yourself and it starts with researching for the right tools that will set your business straight and on the track of true success.

When I first started out I had no idea what I wanted to do, but I know that I wanted to be in entertainment.  I started out as a singer/rapper and went on through the years in various capacities.  Truth be told unless you have a definite roadmap you're going to change what you do probably a million times, but in the end when you uncover something that you truly love it will be the very thing that takes your career to the TOP!

So, for all of the blog friends in the independent market we've got just the thing to help you out.  More than anything else...if you're not making sales, then you're not in business.  However, first things first out what kind of career you want to have whether it's going to be mainly on or offline and then assemble the plan and finally the resources.

I decided that I needed a business that was 70% online and the other 30% spread out over affiliates, events and co-sponsors and that's what I began assembling the resources to make that business come alive.  Although it took me many years to research and of course learn all of the various avenues through which I wanted to achieve success all of that was preparation.   To be a mainly online company I had to see what were some of the best online resources there were for me to use so I discovered internet radio, blogging and social networking.  After putting alot of effort into these "online machines" I had to develop a system that tied everything in together and to make it available to people like us who need more outlets.  Once this system was put into place I could look at finding out what parts I could outsource or automate so that I didn't have to babysit the business and I could go out and talk to people about the site(s) and connect the offline work to what was/is going on online.

Now, this last paragraph is what I want us to focus on because it lays the foundation for creating a real online presence.  We are developing an e-book series to help sort out those who really want to be independent entrepreneurs from those who just want to have their venture as a hobby.  No slight to those who want this as a hobby but for those of us who want to make a living online, then definitely become a member to the blog so that you can get the up to date information and we can truly make the INDEPENDENT MARKET GROW!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Developing A Cyber Presence

Cyber Marketing is nothing new to many of you however, do we really know what it takes to market and make sales with it?  As with any business,making money is the goal and sustaining what your business is about is what we call "BRANDING".  Developing a presence sets the tone and leads you into many doors that would otherwise be closed.  I was laughing earlier today when a young man called to let me know that he could have us "black balled" in the industry because I didn't share his thoughts on music marketing.  My immediate response was to just laugh in my head at the statement because little does he know the way we do business now is totally different from 20, 10 or even 5 years ago.

Multi-branding, cross-promoting and so many other techniques are out there and the world is waaaay smaller to many of us than it was before.   So, my laughter was more about the prospect of gaining new people to deal with than running after someone who believes they've arrived and have cornered the market on making themselves known in the industry.

Developing a following through social networking and so many other ways is here and it is definitely growing because even the "BIG DAWGS" are doing it.  Remember folks, it's our industry and no one can take it from us!   Let us know what you're doing to make it happen FOR YOU!

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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Bringing The Indies Center Stage 7/15/2010 - QMediaNation | Internet Radio | Blog Talk Radio

Bringing The Indies Center Stage 7/15/2010 - QMediaNation Internet Radio Blog Talk Radio

Setting The Stage For A NEW INDEPENDENT VOICE In The Game

There was a time when what we listened to had diversity because the radio markets were not conglomerates.  Now, with the takeover of small stations and the muscling of big communications companies the new wave of radio is HERE.  Internet Radio.  It's less expensive, able to reach multiple markets at the stroke of a key, it can be catered to each audience, there's virtually an artist  in every corner of the world just looking for a chance to get their music out there and what's more important is that as internet dj's we have full range to make the playlist decisions.

The battle is in knowing which market you'd like to be in and then finding more internet stations to play what you have.  At QMedia we look for independent artists who are looking ot add legitimate radio airplay to their marketing plans to help them make the independent charts as well as to offer their music to diverse international audiences.  We consistently look for those who want to increase their following with artist interviews, video exposure, social marketing and co-branding, but our signature move is helping artists build themselves in the Japanese market to start with and then on to some of our affiliate markets.

We've been finding though that alot of artists have their sights set on terrestrial radio and more often than not overlook the impact of internet radio because they're not looking at the technological trends which is spreading the access to the internet in multiple mediums. 

In some countries, the internet is integrated within cars and this is exactly one of the future feature amenities along with energy efficiency that is taking shape over the next few years.  So, what does that mean for us who are in the independent media/music market?  It means that we are going to have to bring the content that the world wants to hear and invest in more of what is changing how people get their information.  More importantly we're going to have to work together and build an industry where all of us will benefit!

This appeal is going out to every person of worth who's in the industry and who want to get out there......this is YOUR MEDIA.....QMEDIA.....2011 and beyond.