Monday, January 10, 2011

Promotion Before Performance=Success For Years To Come...

Often, I get messages from artists who want to know who they can speak with in order to perform in Japan.  Too often I have to remind them that if they're not getting hits, tracking those hits or already have a link there then that's the wrong question to start with.  Like many artists who are in the independent market we're looking for the pay day and not the pay dues part of the process and then become discouraged when no one is accepting their rider and having them come over to Japan.

Once I see an artist who's too careless about the fine line for their career, then I go in the opposite direction because a system is a system, is a system, is a get the point? Once you create a system by which to do business, then you are ensured that for every dollar spent there is a dollar you can answer for.  It's a major mistake to believe that not developing and testing what you have and then doing the successful parts of that system over and over again will not reap you the benefits that you ultimately want to attain.  Whatever that may be.

Learning from those who are willing to share what they've taken the time to learn is GOLDEN and while they may be able to give you little nuggets to help put your plan in place it's ultimately up to you, the recipient of those nuggets to make your riches.

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