Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Nation of Islam purchases water purification unit for Haiti

Nation of Islam purchases water purification unit for Haiti

As the world sits perched and watching various reports during the rebuilding efforts of  Haiti we are pleased to announce news that you may not see in mainstream press.  These are our dollars at work for the betterment of our GLOBAL FAMILY!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Promotion Before Performance=Success For Years To Come...

Often, I get messages from artists who want to know who they can speak with in order to perform in Japan.  Too often I have to remind them that if they're not getting hits, tracking those hits or already have a link there then that's the wrong question to start with.  Like many artists who are in the independent market we're looking for the pay day and not the pay dues part of the process and then become discouraged when no one is accepting their rider and having them come over to Japan.

Once I see an artist who's too careless about the fine line for their career, then I go in the opposite direction because a system is a system, is a system, is a system...you get the point? Once you create a system by which to do business, then you are ensured that for every dollar spent there is a dollar you can answer for.  It's a major mistake to believe that not developing and testing what you have and then doing the successful parts of that system over and over again will not reap you the benefits that you ultimately want to attain.  Whatever that may be.

Learning from those who are willing to share what they've taken the time to learn is GOLDEN and while they may be able to give you little nuggets to help put your plan in place it's ultimately up to you, the recipient of those nuggets to make your riches.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

What Part of Independent Are You!?

Just finished posting in Facebook and of course on Twitter about our return to opening the doors for folks to get out there in Japan.  It's been 10 long years and alot of bruises along the way, but hey WE'RE STILL HERE!

There was alot of talk recently from artists wanting to squash what we've been building and I can't speak for their actions, but I can say that we've been doing this thing and loving it regardless to the "haters".  It's cool when people think we're too small because maybe our house is not roomy enough for you.  It's cool when people think that we don't charge enough or maybe too much because maybe you have someone who'll give you just what you need.

However, when we started, we did it out of pure love for the artists and not so much about the industry and in the end we're still here and still being heard.  Now, for those independent artists who are out there struggling to make ends meet and who stare at the videos on tv and wish that was you then definitely stick with us because if you're willing to learn we're willing to teach and design resources that you need to make you a little more independent and not sell your soul for a mic and a dream from a major label!
The only thing we promise is to make sure we unlock what we know to help you grow and then help to grow the opportunities.  So, if you're in....we're here!

To be truly independent is to make the choice first to do that and then assembling all the resources and relationships to make what you have sell.  When someone whom you connect with tells you what they charge, why is it that many artists gasp in disbelief because they can't believe the price.  People it's more about going independent than depending on someone else and if they have something that could potentially open a door for you then why not look at the value rather than just a price.  In many cases, what they're offering is not something that you could get on your own so don't just gasp either try them out or move on.

For the most part, we didn't feel the need to charge because there are times when we take on other larger projects in order to help the independent artist get a lower price (not lower quality) and then utilize those resources that we retain when doing business with well known more established artists in Japan then bring that to the independents and help YOU.

All in all we've been successful with this model and will be opening the doors for more folks to come in.  Stay with us if you'd like and more importantly use this as your resource because we'll be offering more services while helping you to grow!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Focus feat. Shadowstar Boxing Academy

We are all set to have our interview with Shadowstar Boxer...STAY TUNED FOR MORE!

The New Year Always Signals A CHANGE!

Peace to the QMedia Nation Fam and other constituents around the world!

You know it's got to be Hip Hop in me to open up for the new year like that....That's what Saigon and M.O.P will do for ya! Smile! Well, here we are again with another year under the belt and ready to set it all off.  First and foremost we want to pour out our cupful of tears for the ones who didn't make it to see 2011 and to welcome all those who have now joined us...

As we join the ranks of those infamous dj's/stations/personalities that are set to take the independent artists to another level we want to thank so many of you who continue to join us in the QMediaNation Facebook chatroom! You keep us going and more importantly you let us know what you want to hear or better yet WHAT YOU REALLY DON'T WANT TO HEAR....

Many of you all were present last session (New Year's Eve) when we set the record straight for 2011 and going forward.  Well, the work is going on as you would suspect and we're busy getting ready to open the doors for all those who are serious about doing their thing in Japan.

First off, we did the "FREE" thing for 10 years and now we'll be opening our membership site for those who want to be on the inside of what we are doing.  Although the fee will be nominal the education will be well worth it as we are progressing to open the market there and then on to other lands!


As it stands right now we have been inundated with product, projects and everything in between now this year it's time for us to look at the bigger picture and do bigger things.  You will be able to benefit from the relationships that we establish and just like your a record label we will put those on the radar who want to be there....that means if we're not playing your music and helping you to get on the indie charts, then you're not on our radar.  As for those who are doing big sales overseas, but still haven't been called to get a tour set up over there---chances are you won't.  However, we can map it out....

Well, it's off the air for us for a few hours....we'll catch up with you all in a few!

Peace and Much Respect
The Q