Friday, November 11, 2011


I was once told that "YOU HAVE TO PAY YOURSELF 1ST" and then everyone comes after.  I think those are words that need to be shared with a majority of the artists that I come across.  Many think that by paying dues as an intern at some label or entertainment brand are the only dues there are when in actuality paying dues means a hell of alot more.
When I graduated from college some twenty years ago I was destined to be a power broker for those who came my way, but I began paying dues many years before that.  Having grown up in the city of Englewood, NJ the home of "SUGARHILL RECORDS" and is one of the birthplaces of such greats as: John Travolta, Regina Belle and others as well as home to Dizzy Gillespie, Eddie Murphy and many others, I was blessed to have all kinds of talented business men and women to be around who didn't take "no" for an answer when they wanted to teach you the art of their business which is ENTERTAINMENT.  They took the time to groom you for success and so in 1991 I began as an intern for AISHA MUSIC PUBLISHING of which I learned HOW TO run business and go out and make relationships.
Now, although I was an intern and worked at night as a counselor for Phoenix House it was there at AMP that I was taken step by step through the art of business by a woman who clearly had integrity, a love of people and most importantly her head and heart in the right place to show me the best of the best business practices.  Did I want to get big and show off the acts that I wanted to manage? YES! But I had to learn the business of longevity and of course how to have integrity.  Of course I wanted to be at a major label running errands and meeting people at various industry events, but I took a road less traveled and learned so much more in the process.
Now, here it is....20 plus years later and I've never been happier about the decisions I made earlier in my career because I can walk in meetings and use the power of long standing relationships, personality, work ethic and talent to open doors.   So, when an artist comes to me wanting a deal who doesn't know how to promote themselves, book themselves, think they're too good to be humble and basically is a lazy bum....then I kick them to the curb!  Those are the ones who kiss all the ....they can to get a deal and who may get one only to believe that the work begins once you sign on the dotted line...
These are the artists that get shelved and lose out on all that is a blessing by TAKING CONTROL of the relationships they've made.  I have some now who came through QMedia at one time or another who have gotten deals and some comeback to thank me for the advice that they finally realized wasn't B.S.  One LOVE to my Independent Nation in Entertainment as we chart out a new course for our business.....One LOVE I say! ONE LOVE! Peace

Thursday, October 27, 2011

QMedia Making It Possible

QMedia....making it possible for artists to get their music out to the masses and for the masses to get what they love!  It's been 10 years and we're still here!  What many thought would be our demise actually became a stepping stone and here we are....10 stones later and we're here.

Tonight, as we bring the genre we love closer together, I am reminded of how much work it's been to just keep the lights on; feed the flock who come through the doors and more importantly how to keep on pushing through the storm.  Always thankful for the brothers and sisters who make every step worthwhile as we move to FREEDOM in a quest to share our talent and gain a profit in doing so.

I want those who are with us to understand that we're making strides even if others may not think so and we've been able to take an approach that makes others want to get on with us too!  So, we're opening a new channel on YouTube that will help artists get their ROYALTIES by fans clicking on YOUR videos.

This is big news for artists who only get you can get VIDEO PLAY ROYALTIES as, we're looking forward to serving your needs!


This kid is the hottest kid in the camp!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

You're Just Another Part of ME!

Michael Jackson sang this to us and it's only the beginning of what we started here at QMedia.  When we got this all together, we were thinking that it could benefit the masses, but then we realized that the masses don't benefit if they stay separated from the tools and skills needed to market themselves. 

It's a movement to date that is responsible for countless careers and untold millions, yet it seems that too often artists that are supposedly on their grind fail to make themselves known with the resources that are available.  The industry is saturated with "WANNA-BE'S" and "HAVE NOTS", but there are SUCCESS stories that center around artists helping each other.  The kind of help that translates into A LIVING and they're always willing to make their case to the fans who are coming to their shows, linking with them through their social networks, supporting them by buying their songs and even more helping the artists brand themselves across the world.

We're a part of each other in this business of ENTERTAINMENT which is by far the best industry to be in, but we've got to make strides too!  Join us and take it to the next level! 

Thursday, October 20, 2011

YouTube Aint Social No More! WE BRING YOU MONEY!

YouTube used to be just social, but now you can get royalties! We will be starting our new channel soon.  To get a taste of the quality we're looking for please go to our current bideo channel:

We're doing what we NEED TO DO to get you ROYALTIES.....Sure, you can get airplay, but why just get that when we can get you CLICKTHROUGH ROYALTIES too!  We want you!  If this is of interest to you we are taking 1st come, 1st serve so drop us an email:  SUBJECT LINE: Video Royalties


Finally, the Independent Entertainment Market is RISING and we're in the forefront!  There is a way now for you to be up there with the big boys getting your advertising campaign out there...Campaigns are beginning IMMEDIATELY and we're here for you! So, here's the # and we're ready to serve you!


Monday, October 17, 2011

We're Now Making It Accessible For You To Get Commercials On TIME WARNER

We've made it possible for you to get your commercials on the TIME WARNER cable network! We have areas available IMMEDIATELY for California and Texas and we'll be opening more markets.  So, if you and your team are ready to take it to the BIG LEAGUE and reach your fans directly through commercials on BET, MTV and other networks we can help you.....We are looking for some of the hottest artists in the INDEPENDENT INDUSTRY!


"Been Thru The Fire" By Vet Reeves

Sunday, September 4, 2011

More videos of artists postd soon, so send ur material: general inq)or airplay)FULL PACKAGES ONLY!
We posted a note to ALL entertainers, labels, organizations & those wanting to raise funds! If you're idea is good drop us a line on that page!
Hard @ work shinin' the spotlight on the INDEPENDENT NATION of Entertainers! Make sure to click the "Like" button for IndieTalkJapan we have a new group...

Monday, August 29, 2011

The Storm Is Over.....It's Our Time!

So now that the storm is over and we're getting back to work here at QMedia we wanted to drop a few lines and let the world know what's going on.....Our affiliates are making moves around the world and giving the entire entertainment community unprecedented opportunities to make, sell, distribute, play, perform, etc their music and we're standing at the gate to open it for you.  If you know that your game is tight and you have what it takes we'd love to see where we could help you meet your needs.  As all the awards shows are promoting those whom we love and even those we don't, it doesn't mean that the Independent Nation is not doing what they need to do and make a name for themselves.  QMedia, "Where Independent Media Lives!" has been at the forefront of this movement for the last 10 years and we're making the relationships that are helping to bridge the divide between the love of the art and the prosperous career that we all can have.  IT'S OUR TIME! Peace, QMedia

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Be well my people and we'll back at you w/ the latest on how to take your projects to the next level! Peace, QMedia...
Make sure that you keep the peace like our folks in Japan did a few short months ago
Peace to all those who've been riding this storm out with us! As we sit here in the U.S. and thinking of all the "Massive" around the world, we send LOVE!
Good Morning! The storm is over, but be careful East Coast....One Love, QMedia Nation...

Saturday, August 27, 2011


This artist is a KING among the MC's so check out his video and leave us your feedback!  Presise, "It's On Me"....

Thursday, August 11, 2011

It's Official....We're Partnering For Success...

When it comes to making strides in the independent industry, QMedia is taking the time to make the partnerships that artists and those in independent entertainment need to get ahead.  While many artists and others are looking for deals with major labels (and we're not knocking it) we're using the internet as a weapon, but also as an answer which is opening doors that would otherwise be closed.

We want you to connect with us and let us know about your music or if there is something else you do because we want to help connect the industry WORLDWIDE!

From Jersey to Japan and all points in between we're doing what it takes to help our industry grow!

Join our blog for updates since we always look internally before seeking artists not directly connected to us.


Sunday, May 1, 2011



Taking Control: It's A Matter of Life and Death For Your Business

"As we proceed to give you what you need..." was a line back in the day when we were in this thing called, "ENTERTAINMENT" just for the love of it.  When we found out that there was plenty of money to be made off of our talents and that we could make more of it just by taking control of our talent and thereby the industry then we knew that we could make a fortune just at the click of a mouse.  As with anything we have to promote, promote, promote and then promote again and that's where it all begins for us in any business. 

Whether it's entertainment, sports or even a Wall Street Banker (whatever that is anymore) it's all about taking control.  I will tell you something, when I first started out at the tender age of 9 loving Hip Hop I never knew that it would be my life's mission to be some kind of force as well as provide an outlet for up and coming "ALLSTARS" who are destined to shape the world of music.  Now, over 30 years in the game it has taken me to make the twists and turns in this business to understand just one thing and that is....TAKE CONTROL.

As with anything you want to just make money and do what you love, but what good is making money you have no control over so that when the lean times come you have nothing to show for the hard work; and more importantly what good is giving your talent to the world and the minute you stop or want to switch up your game plan, then you're dead in the water.

The first rule in taking control is to be clear that it's something that you want to do.  Not just that you want to dream about taking control, but that you actually make a plan, stick to it and of course execute that plan to the fullest!  Taking control is the essential part of being and of course staying independent in any business, but knowing what it means to take control has to be your unique plan.  Taking control means something different to each person and maybe you're the kind who just wants 5% or 25% control or maybe more or less however, when you make the decision to take control it has to first be on your terms and then you can go about the business of taking the kind and amount of control you need.

The decision for me came when I knew that I no longer just wanted to be behind the microphone, but that I wanted to produce my own music, develop my own market, make my own sales, create my own events, take in the lion's share of the profits, helping others learn to do the same and more importantly to invest in solid projects, products, systems and relationships that could help me stay in business for years to come.

In order for me to do this I had to set up a plan and then work to put it into effect everyday, but the first order of business was to see what my goal was and then work backwards from there.  Some have asked me, "why would you work backwards?"  My simple answer was, "in order for me to enjoy the benefits of my labor, I mean the ultimate result which would be my goal, I wanted to see how much work I would need to put in to get there."  

For example, my end result or goal is to be free to work whenever, wherever with whomever I want and to live prosperously for the rest of my life.  Now maybe for you that's too far ahead so in that case you'd modify that goal to a shorter term goal, but for me that's what I chose.  In order for me to have that happen I have to set in motion some key initial steps in order to work towards that eventual goal and that means EFFORT.  Not just sporadic effort, but daily, weekly, monthly, bi-monthly steps that are in line with my ultimate or eventual goal.

So, as I close this session and put a check mark next to one of my steps which is WRITING to my blog community I am learning that to communicate my goal and making small or large steps everyday are essential.  It doesn't matter how many or even if they are small or large it's that those steps have to be consistent.  As you make the choice to take control everyday towards that eventual goal know that the little voice of negativity  or laziness is going to whisper to you and the best action to take to drown out that voice is to TAKE ACTION and TAKE CONTROL!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The 3 P's of IndePendence....To Massive Profits

How would you like to make the music when you want to and where you want to without having to think about anyone but the fans you intend to play for.  How would you like to take as much time off with your family as you want without a label breathing down your neck to go into the studio even when you're not ready.  Or how about this....What if you were given the keys to financial success in entertainment in just a few short minutes that could change your life for the better.  It's finally here and it's finally being said, "GO INDEPENDENT!"
Now, although you may have heard about going independent or getting independent distribution you have to ask yourself what does "GOING INDEPENDENT" mean?  Does it mean Producing, Pressing and Promoting your Product and making massive PROFITS? You're right! And we do it is not unique, but for us to work as a team in a system for artists who choose this path is.  Right now, we are in the position that many have wanted to be in but who are too afraid to do because they either don't have the will, tenacity, focus or network to do it and so going independent is not for the weak or faint, but for those who are willing to build something from the ground up that will last for a lifetime as well as a few generations.
Certainly the people who incorporated many businesses in America are no longer alive, but their families have benefited throughout the ages because those brave, smart and courageous men and women made it possible.
We can no longer sit by and say that we don't have time, money, resources, the right address or any kind of stumbling block.  If you're looking for the stumbling block you only need to look in the mirror in the eyes of the person who's making the excuses.
What I want us to do by the time we finish this article is to TAKE ACTION! Swift and immediate action that will change not only the industry, but that will change you and your fans.
A few years ago I was wondering what I could do to get back on my feet in the entertainment industry.  I had some nominal success with sending out various artists' packages to my international contacts who were looking for new music or new faces, but it wasn't until I took my own advice and went back to the basics of delivering my passion to the people that I became a better success and rediscovered what made me love this industry.
As a young college student I was introduced to radio.  A small community station in Worcester, MA (WCUW-91.3fm) is where I got my start and what I learned in my 3 years as an undergraduate small time dj at a little dinky place was actually the womb that eventually birthed QMediaNation Radio Online.  It was great fumbling through records of artists I had never heard of; going to the studio day and night to set up a program; interviewing interesting people; and more importantly, running a first rate show that even today is some of my best work.
Over the years I went from job to job and even countries to find myself, my passion and what really I could do that would earn me a living yet all in all I kept that passion for radio in my heart.  I stayed in contact with folks in the entertainment industry and even did some work as an artist, but when I returned to radio almost 10 years after my college days to the same station it was then that I knew it was to be a life long mission.  The only thing I didn't know was how to do it independently from anywhere in the world and that is when 10 years later internet radio took on shape for the world.
Now, here it is 2011 and we're on the fast track to helping others in this new and non-traditional marketing medium that is changing the lives and careers of countless artists.  Let me top here and point out that entertainment is business! And to make your business grow you've got to be out there making it happen everyday in every way possible most of all making strategic relationships that will help you realize your goals.  So, where would you begin?  How do you get started?  Or what if you already have a business up and running, but you need more money and resources?  Only you can assess your needs and whether what we offer could help you, but to be sure I'd like you to tell me what your needs are by going to my one page CONTACT FORM and letting us know who you are and then briefly explain what it is that you may be looking to do in this industry or what your needs are in developing your business.

Oh! And make sure to text us so that we can keep you up to date on when we're launching our new ONLINE STATION because we're looking for more music, more artist interviews, let artists know what listings are out there, tours, sponsors, is our personal text: 2013767063

Monday, March 28, 2011

The Sum of All Fears Is Internal

When we learned of the disaster that had taken place in Japan everyone pointed out the most poignant aspect of what was unfolding and that was the tremendous calm that the people had as they were without chiefly, ANSWERS.  Answers to the questions of why this happened, when would it be over, how could they make it through and who would come to their aid.

It's been a little over two weeks and while the news is still edging on total disaster due to a potential nuclear meltdown it is also a time to learn something about the Japanese people and what to do during a crisis.  STAY CALM!  As I lived and worked there consistently over these past ten years it never ceased to amaze me the calmness fo a society that has been devastated many times during their history and how they have maintained dignity in the face of total annihilation.

As people looking in and as they live through this horror everyday I see the resiliency of a people who are determined to survive.  To build, grow and ultimately rise again.  As I pay attention I see what many others do not and that's the mind to overcome the external factors by maintaining a clear perception that they are a unit.  A unit that will never be broken and whose hearts are not full of fear, but of triumph even in the face of death.  This leads me to other thoughts as an artist and business owner.

When I began QMedia it was my time in that tiny nation where I learned that I had something to offer others who were in the U.S. and elsewhere an opportunity to do business in Japan and so an idea was born.  Throughout these years of growth and development I've learned that the passion you hold is more dear than any fear that should come up to control you.  To know that there is nothing to fear when you have faith to the fullest in yourself and the world around you, but more importantly faith in a vision of survival! And although from one day to the next the people of Japan do not know what's going on and how they will make it I am confident that they will rise from this an even better people.

We love our family in Japan and we want you to rise again!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Letter From HOME....

Below is a letter that a brother sent another....and though the water may divide them during this crisis in Japan....WE ARE FAMILY...Once you finish the letter please click the link below it...

Brother Mal! First let me say Im glad to hear from you. Im not suprised you are in the role of service for your fellow man in a time of crisis for the people of Japan. With all of the disasters and tragedies in the recent years from Katrina to Indonesia, to Haiti and now Japan even the unlearned can sense the world is changing. Scriptural prophecies, ancient cosmic calendars inscribed in stone and a growing spritual awareness are all indicating that the times we live in are indeed a time of great shift - a shift in power, shifts in nature, a shift in the consciousness of man - accompanied by great and terrible disasters. The loss of life is always disasterous especially for the loved ones bereaved. I feel compassion for those struggling to survive amidst the chaos and the looming threat of radioactive pollution. I feel concern for those of you that I know and love living in Japan with a degree of uncertainty for what the future holds for the country. But my Brother, we can never fully control what happens around us nor to us. But we most assuredly can control how we react to it. The degree to which this calamity arouses the people of Japan to help, assist, and serve their neighbor will directly affect and imprint upon the genetic codes of future generations. The whole world will learn from this. For those of us hundreds if not thousands of miles away from ground zero the scales of the heart are still being measured. What do we say in our hearts when we see people suffering? What if they don't look like us - does it change the degree of our concern. Well, I believe that if this is the time of a great shift - then where we go from here is being determined right now - at an accelerating pace!

Love is truly the greatest power in your darkest most trying hour whoever you got so close in reach love selflessly Even if its only you - for to love is to live

In Oneness


Me and JD was just talkin about you! nuff respect PLEASE CLICK THIS LINK


Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Taking Out This Time

As unbelievable as everything is in my home away from home JAPAN, it is the constant frame of mind that WE SHALL OVERCOME that sticks with me.  Having been gone for a few years and building our network better in the U.S. and Australia the sadness looms of everyday images of men, women and children looking weary under this disaster.  Just a few days ago we were all at QMedia wondering when our return would be to Japan because we're ready to get to work on the many projects that lie ahead, yet there was another plan at hand and now what seemed to be possible will now need to wait.

It's hard going from day to day not knowing from one day to the next what other news we're going to hear and seeing the projections of how many people are expected to die over time with this Nuclear threat.  However, I am reminded that these people, my people, my adopted land knows about RESILIENCY!  The kind of snap back that took them from devastation in World War II to becoming a Superpower right along with the same country and in some cases ahead of the same country that brought about their demise.

That land affectionately known as, "The Land of The Rising Sun" we pray will be that nation to rise again as we too are rising and that we will continue on this journey of LIFE even though the road seems dark.  We look forward to seeing a better Japan a place where there is no death and that people once again will live to their fullest!  Long Live Japan and it's PEOPLE!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Secondary Income, Primary Results

When we thought of beginning a company that would be a resource and outlet for independent artists we knew that it would be one of the biggest feats of our lives.  As we started out in Japan with no contacts, resources, outlets, Facebook, Twitter and anything other than a computer and a dream it was beautiful to see how things have unfolded over the past ten years.  With every twist and turn we've learned somethings and there's one thing that we'd love to share.

As we've been helping independent artists develop their careers on and offline with a special emphasis on performing, airplay and club play; it's been a hell of a ride financially as we design creative marketing strategies for them.  As world economies have taken a global turn for the worse and most often entertainment being a "cornered" market we discovered that many of us as independent entertainment consultants have to create secondary businesses to support our primary passion.

First and foremost we started out as artists in the industry and quickly learned that we had to develop a keener business acumen and begin taking the bull by the horns! As soon as we took control of the "how" to finance our primary business with secondary business interests it was then that we began to grow.  As a suggestion to each and every person in entertainment who strives to stay independent WE MUST LEARN "HOW" TO FINANCE OUR PRIMARY INTERESTS!

Now, it took some getting used to: proper scheduling, a shift in interests an emphasis on maintaining good relationships & the ability to keep the focus as to why you're doing this other business, then you're on your way to major independent success.

The best way to describe this is to understand that once your system is in place with the above points and some of your own, then you have a foundation to begin taking your profits and putting them to good use on your PASSION!  I want to point out here that when many of us start out on this path of independence we clearly want to make strides not strikes to build an unstoppable machine that will make paths for your career and those whom you will support.

During these ten years we've made alot of mistakes and are all the better for it, but more importantly the information we are supplying along with the encouragement and outlets for artists like YOU we are poised to take this industry BY STORM!

Friday, February 18, 2011


Getting yourself out there in the mainstream market is a plan.  It first starts with you taking your career more serious than your manager, promoter or anyone in your camp.  This is a word of advice...if you don't take what you do serious, then no one else will or the resources that are out there for you to use will be useless if you don't take advantage of what's at your fingertips.

Social media marketing, independent radio, affiliations, promotions, performances, downloads and all other forms of independent media & marketing are of no use if you don't put a plan of action together from the start.  No one is going to be more to you than you are to yourself and it starts with researching for the right tools that will set your business straight and on the track of true success.

When I first started out I had no idea what I wanted to do, but I know that I wanted to be in entertainment.  I started out as a singer/rapper and went on through the years in various capacities.  Truth be told unless you have a definite roadmap you're going to change what you do probably a million times, but in the end when you uncover something that you truly love it will be the very thing that takes your career to the TOP!

So, for all of the blog friends in the independent market we've got just the thing to help you out.  More than anything else...if you're not making sales, then you're not in business.  However, first things first out what kind of career you want to have whether it's going to be mainly on or offline and then assemble the plan and finally the resources.

I decided that I needed a business that was 70% online and the other 30% spread out over affiliates, events and co-sponsors and that's what I began assembling the resources to make that business come alive.  Although it took me many years to research and of course learn all of the various avenues through which I wanted to achieve success all of that was preparation.   To be a mainly online company I had to see what were some of the best online resources there were for me to use so I discovered internet radio, blogging and social networking.  After putting alot of effort into these "online machines" I had to develop a system that tied everything in together and to make it available to people like us who need more outlets.  Once this system was put into place I could look at finding out what parts I could outsource or automate so that I didn't have to babysit the business and I could go out and talk to people about the site(s) and connect the offline work to what was/is going on online.

Now, this last paragraph is what I want us to focus on because it lays the foundation for creating a real online presence.  We are developing an e-book series to help sort out those who really want to be independent entrepreneurs from those who just want to have their venture as a hobby.  No slight to those who want this as a hobby but for those of us who want to make a living online, then definitely become a member to the blog so that you can get the up to date information and we can truly make the INDEPENDENT MARKET GROW!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Developing A Cyber Presence

Cyber Marketing is nothing new to many of you however, do we really know what it takes to market and make sales with it?  As with any business,making money is the goal and sustaining what your business is about is what we call "BRANDING".  Developing a presence sets the tone and leads you into many doors that would otherwise be closed.  I was laughing earlier today when a young man called to let me know that he could have us "black balled" in the industry because I didn't share his thoughts on music marketing.  My immediate response was to just laugh in my head at the statement because little does he know the way we do business now is totally different from 20, 10 or even 5 years ago.

Multi-branding, cross-promoting and so many other techniques are out there and the world is waaaay smaller to many of us than it was before.   So, my laughter was more about the prospect of gaining new people to deal with than running after someone who believes they've arrived and have cornered the market on making themselves known in the industry.

Developing a following through social networking and so many other ways is here and it is definitely growing because even the "BIG DAWGS" are doing it.  Remember folks, it's our industry and no one can take it from us!   Let us know what you're doing to make it happen FOR YOU!

Until Next Time,


Thursday, February 3, 2011

Bringing The Indies Center Stage 7/15/2010 - QMediaNation | Internet Radio | Blog Talk Radio

Bringing The Indies Center Stage 7/15/2010 - QMediaNation Internet Radio Blog Talk Radio

Setting The Stage For A NEW INDEPENDENT VOICE In The Game

There was a time when what we listened to had diversity because the radio markets were not conglomerates.  Now, with the takeover of small stations and the muscling of big communications companies the new wave of radio is HERE.  Internet Radio.  It's less expensive, able to reach multiple markets at the stroke of a key, it can be catered to each audience, there's virtually an artist  in every corner of the world just looking for a chance to get their music out there and what's more important is that as internet dj's we have full range to make the playlist decisions.

The battle is in knowing which market you'd like to be in and then finding more internet stations to play what you have.  At QMedia we look for independent artists who are looking ot add legitimate radio airplay to their marketing plans to help them make the independent charts as well as to offer their music to diverse international audiences.  We consistently look for those who want to increase their following with artist interviews, video exposure, social marketing and co-branding, but our signature move is helping artists build themselves in the Japanese market to start with and then on to some of our affiliate markets.

We've been finding though that alot of artists have their sights set on terrestrial radio and more often than not overlook the impact of internet radio because they're not looking at the technological trends which is spreading the access to the internet in multiple mediums. 

In some countries, the internet is integrated within cars and this is exactly one of the future feature amenities along with energy efficiency that is taking shape over the next few years.  So, what does that mean for us who are in the independent media/music market?  It means that we are going to have to bring the content that the world wants to hear and invest in more of what is changing how people get their information.  More importantly we're going to have to work together and build an industry where all of us will benefit!

This appeal is going out to every person of worth who's in the industry and who want to get out there......this is YOUR MEDIA.....QMEDIA.....2011 and beyond.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Nation of Islam purchases water purification unit for Haiti

Nation of Islam purchases water purification unit for Haiti

As the world sits perched and watching various reports during the rebuilding efforts of  Haiti we are pleased to announce news that you may not see in mainstream press.  These are our dollars at work for the betterment of our GLOBAL FAMILY!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Promotion Before Performance=Success For Years To Come...

Often, I get messages from artists who want to know who they can speak with in order to perform in Japan.  Too often I have to remind them that if they're not getting hits, tracking those hits or already have a link there then that's the wrong question to start with.  Like many artists who are in the independent market we're looking for the pay day and not the pay dues part of the process and then become discouraged when no one is accepting their rider and having them come over to Japan.

Once I see an artist who's too careless about the fine line for their career, then I go in the opposite direction because a system is a system, is a system, is a get the point? Once you create a system by which to do business, then you are ensured that for every dollar spent there is a dollar you can answer for.  It's a major mistake to believe that not developing and testing what you have and then doing the successful parts of that system over and over again will not reap you the benefits that you ultimately want to attain.  Whatever that may be.

Learning from those who are willing to share what they've taken the time to learn is GOLDEN and while they may be able to give you little nuggets to help put your plan in place it's ultimately up to you, the recipient of those nuggets to make your riches.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

What Part of Independent Are You!?

Just finished posting in Facebook and of course on Twitter about our return to opening the doors for folks to get out there in Japan.  It's been 10 long years and alot of bruises along the way, but hey WE'RE STILL HERE!

There was alot of talk recently from artists wanting to squash what we've been building and I can't speak for their actions, but I can say that we've been doing this thing and loving it regardless to the "haters".  It's cool when people think we're too small because maybe our house is not roomy enough for you.  It's cool when people think that we don't charge enough or maybe too much because maybe you have someone who'll give you just what you need.

However, when we started, we did it out of pure love for the artists and not so much about the industry and in the end we're still here and still being heard.  Now, for those independent artists who are out there struggling to make ends meet and who stare at the videos on tv and wish that was you then definitely stick with us because if you're willing to learn we're willing to teach and design resources that you need to make you a little more independent and not sell your soul for a mic and a dream from a major label!
The only thing we promise is to make sure we unlock what we know to help you grow and then help to grow the opportunities.  So, if you're in....we're here!

To be truly independent is to make the choice first to do that and then assembling all the resources and relationships to make what you have sell.  When someone whom you connect with tells you what they charge, why is it that many artists gasp in disbelief because they can't believe the price.  People it's more about going independent than depending on someone else and if they have something that could potentially open a door for you then why not look at the value rather than just a price.  In many cases, what they're offering is not something that you could get on your own so don't just gasp either try them out or move on.

For the most part, we didn't feel the need to charge because there are times when we take on other larger projects in order to help the independent artist get a lower price (not lower quality) and then utilize those resources that we retain when doing business with well known more established artists in Japan then bring that to the independents and help YOU.

All in all we've been successful with this model and will be opening the doors for more folks to come in.  Stay with us if you'd like and more importantly use this as your resource because we'll be offering more services while helping you to grow!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Focus feat. Shadowstar Boxing Academy

We are all set to have our interview with Shadowstar Boxer...STAY TUNED FOR MORE!

The New Year Always Signals A CHANGE!

Peace to the QMedia Nation Fam and other constituents around the world!

You know it's got to be Hip Hop in me to open up for the new year like that....That's what Saigon and M.O.P will do for ya! Smile! Well, here we are again with another year under the belt and ready to set it all off.  First and foremost we want to pour out our cupful of tears for the ones who didn't make it to see 2011 and to welcome all those who have now joined us...

As we join the ranks of those infamous dj's/stations/personalities that are set to take the independent artists to another level we want to thank so many of you who continue to join us in the QMediaNation Facebook chatroom! You keep us going and more importantly you let us know what you want to hear or better yet WHAT YOU REALLY DON'T WANT TO HEAR....

Many of you all were present last session (New Year's Eve) when we set the record straight for 2011 and going forward.  Well, the work is going on as you would suspect and we're busy getting ready to open the doors for all those who are serious about doing their thing in Japan.

First off, we did the "FREE" thing for 10 years and now we'll be opening our membership site for those who want to be on the inside of what we are doing.  Although the fee will be nominal the education will be well worth it as we are progressing to open the market there and then on to other lands!


As it stands right now we have been inundated with product, projects and everything in between now this year it's time for us to look at the bigger picture and do bigger things.  You will be able to benefit from the relationships that we establish and just like your a record label we will put those on the radar who want to be there....that means if we're not playing your music and helping you to get on the indie charts, then you're not on our radar.  As for those who are doing big sales overseas, but still haven't been called to get a tour set up over there---chances are you won't.  However, we can map it out....

Well, it's off the air for us for a few hours....we'll catch up with you all in a few!

Peace and Much Respect
The Q