Tuesday, December 28, 2010

What Has 42 Talk Shows Posted, 2 Months of BDS Promos and...

We are making it happen at QMedia for the Independent Artist to make it in the industry especially with our international connections.  We've never been the ones to SOUND OFF, but maybe it's time that we do....Nahhh, it's all good.  If you don't like what we offer there's always tomorrow and another team to work with. Now, that we got that out of the way let's focus on the real and what's important...

We've been able to look at the market and study our movement a little closer and these are some of our findings:
1) Many new artists' & small independent labels want to give the job of making their product sell to marketing companies that promise them one thing or the other with little or no results.
2) The artists' that we've been able to work with have often dropped the ball when it comes to getting themselves out there even when we've made things FREE.  And that's 10 years worth of "freebies"
3) Although some artists' may be doing well they still have yet to figure out how to capture good online sales, capture the sales information and make themselves an international brand.

We'll stop there with just some of our findings and just say that we're committed to rolling up our sleeves and really taking it to the next level for the serious artists' around the world who REALLY want to make an impact and be successful!

So, we're on board to boost the artists' that want to take their careers to the next level.  NO, no smoke and mirrors and no get rich quick plan either.  What we will do is work with anyone who's serious to do a marketing campaign that will begin by first creating a mindset to REALLY go INDEPENDENT and that will start with an e-book of what we have discovered to make us successful.  That will be followed up with a "Monthly Mindset Program" and if you're more than sure that this is the road for you, then we have International Promotional Packages that will be made available.

Lastly, ALL businesses that want to join this effort and support the Independent Entertainment Movement we're ready to help you make a statement and do business worldwide!  We'll be back to follow up and we look forward to working with the willing and not the ones that are stealing.....SMILE.....

Saturday, December 25, 2010

UNIVERSOL "I Need You" (Official Video)

As We Proceed

Okay, so we've been getting ready for the 2 11 and brainstorming, re-doing (is that a word!? Well, it's mine now), setting up and sooo many other things. We wanted to just stop in for a few and let you all know what's going on behind the scenes...Our BlogTalk show has finally reached the 8,000 mark so thanks to all of you who tune in LIVE or ON DEMAND because we are really moving forward! As we went into the latter months of this year we joined on with www.SlaminFatBeatzRadio.com so for all of you indie artists who need to build yourselves and get on the charts we now have an outlet for you!

We're adding some guest dj's for next year, some guest bloggers, co-bloggers, interns, contests, celebrity interviews and YES! YES! YES! We're looking to be back in Japan by mid year building a tight JAPANESE dj coalition that will be your direct access into the clubs!  In addition to all of this we've found some partners out there who are just looking to book, sign and work with independent artists as long as YOU ARE SERIOUS!  What I mean by serious is that you have to come with some kind of budget....Doesn't have to be huge however, don't expect wine from water if you're gonna whine and cry water about not being able to get yourself out there....Remember, we're INDEPENDENT and that means BIG THINGS for BIG PEOPLE and that's what we think of each of you who come to us....that you ARE BIG!

For over a year since we put this blog together we've been offering cost effective solutions to being and staying independent and as we grow.....YOU GROW! So don't be surprised that if you choose to work with us and vice versa that we won't end up in magazines!

Which leads me to this......We'll be covering the club scene in Japan for Hip Hop Weekly as well as helping some of the established artists do their thing over there too.....so be on the look out....As for our own magazine we are looking to produce a "Trade Magazine" so be on the look out for that as well.

Just so you know....this is one of our newest PARTNERS!

Well folk, that's all for now and I'll see you on the other side.......