Friday, November 12, 2010

A Well Worn Story, But Now Must BE Told

The box office has reported and the verdict is that Tyler Perry's eagerly anticipated adaptation of the 1975 play, "For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide When The Rainbow is Enuf" was a financial success.  Grossing nearly $20million on its opening weekend and was produced for $21million, I would say that was a huge success granted that the film industry has seen its share of financial downfalls over the past few years.

Decidely, the women who played their respective roles were stellar in their performances and added depth to each character as did the supporting men and children.  Their dedication to bringing out the pain, sharing the promise, the presentation of trial and their eventual triumph was interwoven in each other as a well fitted glove on an arthritic hand that would otherwise need immediate attention yet would at least be able to function if covered well until a doctor's care could be given. 

As I sat there with my mother I thought of all the stories as my story in one way or another, but I also thought of the many Black women who go about their daily lives attending to the needs of others before giving any thought to caring for themselves.  It was a testament, to say the least, of the varied stories of the lives of Black women in American culture as they interact with each other and the world and often are overlooked while being the caretakers of everyone while neglecting their own needs whatever they may be.  I thought it was a window into soul of Black women, but that also told the story of other women while also giving the Black man a secondary understanding of the hurt produced, but also what could be how they could support us.

Without getting into the particulars I believe that Mr. Perry and all of the actors were well worth their weight in gold as they opened up this play to a new generation of women all over the world to see and feel the pain of one of the most underserved women in the world.

Kudos to you Mr. Perry and we look forward to more!

Much love and success......

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