Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Give In Order To Receive

Some of the best artists that I've met over the years are often the ones who not only give everything they have on the stage, but achieve massive results with their fans off stage as well.  Giving in the spirit of true love for their art/talent while at the same time having enough love for their fans that they're willing to go the distance in marketing themselves again and again.  Not just through music but by signing an autograph, listening to other fans who are artists too, going to places where their music is played and make an appearance and there are so many other ways that artists can give back.

Now, I bring this up because there are artists too who also share their wealth on worthy causes that are dear to them and often shed light on those areas of human life that if really highlighted could move people together.  To mobilize around a cause that is bigger than themselves while at the same time still giving makes all the difference when it comes to a dedicated fan base.

I once met an artist who had no clue about marketing himself through charitable acts and well let's just say he's working double overtime to re-establish his career.  And while he is talented he's gotten so used to his fans coming to him that they just can't see him because his ego has definitely been in the way.  This leads me to write a bit of advice.....

You want your career to really TAKE OFF in the entertainment business?  Start giving more of yourself to your fans and you'll see the REAL success you only have been dreaming about!


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