Monday, November 29, 2010

Beyond The Boom Bap and Into The BREAKERS

For over 30 years we've been loving the Hip Hop industry and celebrating the makers and breakers of our culture.  Today we celebrate all the men and women who've loved and exposed the true culture of Hip Hop in all its forms and for bringing the cipher up to date on what's happening in the lives of our pioneers.  Young heads have often overlooked recognition of the pioneers and it's a shame because in every art form and music genre cultures the younger artists are always taught by the older artists and are often endorsed during their budding careers.  It seems common now in Hip Hop to shun as well as diss those who've paved the way and for that we are thoroughly displeased (to say the least and to put it mildly).  So, during this next month and the last month of 2010 we want to add a major THANK YOU to ALL Pioneers in this culture as we celebrate everyone who's given their heart and soul even when the money didn't add up.  To all the record pools, dj's, emcee's, breakers, poppers, b-boys & girls, mothers, fathers, conscious rappers, etc, etc, etc WE LOVE YOU and we're prepared to help you tell your story to the world.   A culture worth saving is also a culture worth sharing......"HIP HOP YOU THE LOVE OF MY LIFE" The Roots feat. COMMON(circa 1999-Things Fall Apart)

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Pinky of Yumyum Entertainment said...

and the next month and the next! Love it. Continue to always educate, enjoyed your entry. blessings