Monday, November 29, 2010

Beyond The Boom Bap and Into The BREAKERS

For over 30 years we've been loving the Hip Hop industry and celebrating the makers and breakers of our culture.  Today we celebrate all the men and women who've loved and exposed the true culture of Hip Hop in all its forms and for bringing the cipher up to date on what's happening in the lives of our pioneers.  Young heads have often overlooked recognition of the pioneers and it's a shame because in every art form and music genre cultures the younger artists are always taught by the older artists and are often endorsed during their budding careers.  It seems common now in Hip Hop to shun as well as diss those who've paved the way and for that we are thoroughly displeased (to say the least and to put it mildly).  So, during this next month and the last month of 2010 we want to add a major THANK YOU to ALL Pioneers in this culture as we celebrate everyone who's given their heart and soul even when the money didn't add up.  To all the record pools, dj's, emcee's, breakers, poppers, b-boys & girls, mothers, fathers, conscious rappers, etc, etc, etc WE LOVE YOU and we're prepared to help you tell your story to the world.   A culture worth saving is also a culture worth sharing......"HIP HOP YOU THE LOVE OF MY LIFE" The Roots feat. COMMON(circa 1999-Things Fall Apart)

Friday, November 12, 2010

Where Independent Media Lives!: A Well Worn Story, But Now Must BE Told

Where Independent Media Lives!: A Well Worn Story, But Now Must BE Told

A Well Worn Story, But Now Must BE Told

The box office has reported and the verdict is that Tyler Perry's eagerly anticipated adaptation of the 1975 play, "For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide When The Rainbow is Enuf" was a financial success.  Grossing nearly $20million on its opening weekend and was produced for $21million, I would say that was a huge success granted that the film industry has seen its share of financial downfalls over the past few years.

Decidely, the women who played their respective roles were stellar in their performances and added depth to each character as did the supporting men and children.  Their dedication to bringing out the pain, sharing the promise, the presentation of trial and their eventual triumph was interwoven in each other as a well fitted glove on an arthritic hand that would otherwise need immediate attention yet would at least be able to function if covered well until a doctor's care could be given. 

As I sat there with my mother I thought of all the stories as my story in one way or another, but I also thought of the many Black women who go about their daily lives attending to the needs of others before giving any thought to caring for themselves.  It was a testament, to say the least, of the varied stories of the lives of Black women in American culture as they interact with each other and the world and often are overlooked while being the caretakers of everyone while neglecting their own needs whatever they may be.  I thought it was a window into soul of Black women, but that also told the story of other women while also giving the Black man a secondary understanding of the hurt produced, but also what could be how they could support us.

Without getting into the particulars I believe that Mr. Perry and all of the actors were well worth their weight in gold as they opened up this play to a new generation of women all over the world to see and feel the pain of one of the most underserved women in the world.

Kudos to you Mr. Perry and we look forward to more!

Much love and success......

Friday, November 5, 2010

We Are Set!

The Road To Republican Solvency: A Return To Bulldog Politics circa 1861

Without all the historical misgivings and false pretenses at some sort of racial common ground in America it holds true that a problem as deeply rooted in the American fabric such as racism has its effects for generations to come.

In 2008, America finally achieved what was thought to be it's first glance at what a different "looking" President and his family would look like.  Unconventional to many of us was to see a Black man on television smiling without telling a joke and actually walking with a Black woman and happy along with his two beautiful daughters in tow.  As that picture began to wane and we took a look at the sinister people who were relentless in calling him a "Muslim", "anti-American", "a reverse racist" and so many other nasty names that for one moment in 2007 we saw what the possibility was for a Black man to make it so far without being killed in the process.

Now, as midterm elections have been touted as the most "historical" because the Republicans have garnered their strength and have made their mighty arm felt we want to look at the "Road To Republican Solvency" the bitter fight to so-call get "America back on track". 

Clearly, Mr. Obama entered Office of the Presidency with the stack against him from all fronts and he came in swinging with a team that he believed would get the job done in terms of recovery that the previous administration had turned inside out.  With a growing deficit and everyday workers getting their checks strangled to death he did what he thought best and that was to bail out the immediate and then work to fine tune and upgrade the areas that were not in as dire distress. 

This opened us up to an even bigger debt crisis while at the same time it closed some of the gaping financial holes that were having its effects on the rest of the world.  He not only began cleaning up America, but for all of those in the economic "bed" with America they needed reassuring too.  In came a country full of charlatans bitter about not gaining the office of the Presidency and  who had just patted the last president on the back for going after the "terrorists" not even looking at the greatest government controlled surveillance in history (now how's that for less government) coupled with the mortgaging of properties that would be severely devalued through an uncontrolled and unchecked financial system; and when the dust settled the most critical of all points was the $1,000,000,0000,000 ($1 trillion) deficit that was inherited by the Obama administration.  While he became the first Black President he also became the first President in American History to inherit a deficit that was really touted as a "MELTDOWN".

So, here we are two years later and the bitter charlatans who are either in a political office or working out in the "Al-Qaeda" styled militia reserves across the country are taking off their sheets in wise fashion and holding up placards to "take back America" what does that say about a so-called post racial and enlightened people who are a world super power.

It leaves people to open up new ways of communicating, doing business and finding other ways to survive.

This political civil war of sorts is very similar to the types of events leading up to the the actual Civil War in which a distinct part of the country was undoubtedly the economic engine of America and thought it wise to depose themselves of working together and thereby pushed to secede.  Only in this case, the current civil war is without a clear platform other than to just "say no" to everything and work on nothing.

For 8 years the Republicans had an agenda and from 8 years before that the Democrats had an agenda--where did it get us?  As we look at the outside influences such as the Tea Party and so many other splinter groups that have taken on the fight to get rid of Obama instead of eradicating the essential ills that we face it has become increasingly clear  that this is not about fortifying life for the American people, but it's about continuing this psychosis of "supremacy" that has leading this country full of disease to its death.  

Is there an answer?  What can we do?  Where will it lead?  How do we survive?


Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Give In Order To Receive

Some of the best artists that I've met over the years are often the ones who not only give everything they have on the stage, but achieve massive results with their fans off stage as well.  Giving in the spirit of true love for their art/talent while at the same time having enough love for their fans that they're willing to go the distance in marketing themselves again and again.  Not just through music but by signing an autograph, listening to other fans who are artists too, going to places where their music is played and make an appearance and there are so many other ways that artists can give back.

Now, I bring this up because there are artists too who also share their wealth on worthy causes that are dear to them and often shed light on those areas of human life that if really highlighted could move people together.  To mobilize around a cause that is bigger than themselves while at the same time still giving makes all the difference when it comes to a dedicated fan base.

I once met an artist who had no clue about marketing himself through charitable acts and well let's just say he's working double overtime to re-establish his career.  And while he is talented he's gotten so used to his fans coming to him that they just can't see him because his ego has definitely been in the way.  This leads me to write a bit of advice.....

You want your career to really TAKE OFF in the entertainment business?  Start giving more of yourself to your fans and you'll see the REAL success you only have been dreaming about!