Wednesday, October 20, 2010

It's A Knock OUT!!!

The Sheer Truth!
Independent Media is where we are and it's clear that as more media outlets are being bought out and going to large conglomerates it is making new opportunities for smaller networks to offer the same kind of coverage only in different ways.

For instance, the internet has morphed what being in independent media means.  By offering a virtually free platform coupled with the latest technology and the entire world as a stage, more and more companies are generating secondary incomes by taking their products and services DIRECT "to the people".

As an independent media outlet, our major network "QMediaNation" is taking its internet connections to new heights and giving new life to artists who otherwise have fallen out of the "popular" media as well as new artissts who are making their mark on the world.

It's been a one two punch of sorts as we're helping to build relationships and careers around the world.....

Join us as we will be exposing who's out there doing what it takes to increase the visibility of independent entertainers!

1st & 3rd Thursdays  8pm
347-426-3974 LIVE Call In Line

10/21/2010:  OG Mack, Co-Producer of New York's Flyest featuring Lil Mama
                     Universol, Independent Artist whose video has been on our blog site for the last
                      month will be with us along with Relationship Consultant,
                    Brother A. Hafeez Muhammad !!!!

Plus up to the minute information on tours, upcoming opportunities and new music!

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