Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Truth About Leaving Your CASH On The Table

So you're getting your buzz up around the world and you're making moves internationally...downloads, website hits and even trying to find gigs too.  Well, here's some guerilla marketing tips just for you:

First off, it's great if you're getting hits internationally and especially downloads, but what do you do when your next single or album comes out?  I've seen so many artists who are making thier strides worldwide make the same mistake again and again and now we're here to help.

Just a few years ago (2001) we took what we had to Japan and opened up shop in a small city just south of Tokyo (Shizuoka) and it was there that we began to see what's really going on.  To really make an impact it's mostly about relationships and those relationships turn into money.  Money that will keep coming in if you know how to work those relationships with or without touring.

It's time that you banked those relationships and make them work for you time and again.  Join us on @ 8pm (EST) and ON DEMAND immediately following the show when we will be going into depth with "Making The Deal Come To You" and so much more!

Make sure to log this call in number in your phone:  347-426-3974 or friend us on blogtalk and join the chat!

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