Saturday, August 21, 2010

Power By Association: The New Paradigm in Business & Relationships

It is often said that the best relationship to have is one where YOU are living your dream and being successful.  Our best opportunity to make that happen is to study the possibilities of where you want to go in life and begin scouting through many resources to attain those relationships or that particular relationship that will lead you to your eventual goal.

In the business of music and especially for independent artists we are challenged to make a career with limited or in most cases, no monetary resources and alot of dreams and ideas.  The best remedy is a healthy dose of "right" relationships and it begins with the relationship you have with yourself.  The foundation of your relationship with self is CONFIDENCE.  To develop a keen sense of self that regardless as to what others say about your move to go or stay independent--you are making your mark on the world by blazing a trail that is often a lonely one.

The next relationship to take charge of are people around you.  Those who believe in you and more importantly getting rid of those who choose to interfere with your path of success.  As you advance in your relationships the next is your business relationship which begins with research.  Research of those businesses and people who head the businesses you are interested in.  This is where the real investigation begins.

As you take your career to new levels and blaze the trail these people who are making an impact on you personally are going to help make your business grow too.  It is the mantra in business to "look at the five people you associate with and you'll notice your success or under achievement".  It will be the change that you need for success or it will be the chance to make more solid relationships.

Supporting your personal and professional movement in entertainment or in any business starts and ends with the right relationships.......

More on this subject in future blogs.

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