Saturday, August 28, 2010

Just To Get A Rep

In the infamous words of Guru in "Just To Get A Rep" I was reminded of what the game of Hip Hop has become.  It used to be a creative hustle in which MC's, DJ's, Breakers, etc would just be together.  Form a bond have fun and break loose from whatever was going on inside their homes, their heads, school, work and would just maintain the culture by sounding the alarm on the dance floor, makeshift clubs and of course on the streets.  It was the alternative to just basketball being on the courts and it was born so that those of us who were left out of the parks normal recreation into something of another expression which was just as hot as shootin' shots and gaining points on those courts.  Girls would put on their "playboy bunny logo" hoodies with the matching Adidas or Lotto's and of course the Lee Jeans (two-toned optional) and of course the socks had to match along with the clip on feathers attached to your belt loop with your street name emblazoned on your belt buckle and did I forget the matching silver name chain to go with it?  Oh, and the boys who knew they were all that would be about it with their latest on too.

There was love for the game even if there wasn't love for each other and at the end of the day when the battles were over in the parks and the street lights came on everyone was getting ready for the next battle either at a school party, the playground, on the train, at a bus stop, the cafeteria or wherever and it was all about rep.  The good thing was that fist fights turned to mic fights and everyone went home to talk about it and come back in the rap ring for round after round of never ending S&^% talkin' and we made it happen for the pure love it to get a rep.

Nowadays it's turned into an "All About The Benjamins" (The McKinleys-$500 bill, The Clevelands-$1000 bill, The Madisons-$5000 bill, etc) and although many of us are trying to turn our passion into profit--when did it become a hustle to hurt one another just to get a rep.  When Rappers take on each other and battle in the stats to see who's getting the most sales that's cool, but to take another rapper and look to destroy his/her career in what is known as "entertainment" over reputation of who has really lived the life that they personify in their songs then I've got to ask "what's the motive"?

When it's all said and done we all have families that we wish no harm to; we all have lives that supercede the stage; and more importantly it's the future of our culture that is at stake--let's face it, none of us are going to be here forever, but once you make your mark on wax, film or paper you preserve a legacy.

I've never heard of Al Pacino or Robert DeNiro lurking through the press sending messages to kill one another if the other does a movie that remotely looks like something each have done;  I've never heard of Jack Nicholson looking for Tom Cruise to pay him back for pulling him out in "A Few Good Men" because it's all entertainment.  It's also called MATURITY.

To many of us this art or this thing called entertainment equals LIFE or CULTURE, but to kill each other "just to get a rep" I turn us back to Guru's lyrics...."but as we know things do come back, and shortys now peeping others that are scheming the kind of act..." Moral of the story...what you may knock someone else out of the game for just to make yourself look good or make sales will come back to haunt you too.....

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