Friday, August 27, 2010

Gotta Spread The Love? Go ON TOUR!

Ask any artist signed or unsigned and they'll tell you that getting PAID is what it's all about! Whether you're still independent or making moves to get a deal; putting money in your pocket is why many if not all of us got into the game!

Just recently we were hit with some major ways for artists to get paid, and we just want to share one that we know keeps the pockets laced if you have the right stuff.  GOING ON TOUR! 

Show money is big money because not only are you getting an opportunity to perform for fans as well as potential new fans, but you're also merchandising, you've got your street team touching the crowd (hyping you to the audience) and more importantly you're opening an avenue to GET PAID!

Now, many Independent Artists often hit the wall when it comes to touring.  It's a time when some artists want to sit back and let their managers handle all of that or if they're fortunate to have a booking agent, then that's the point person who's ready to place that artist anywhere there's a mic.  But what if you're not a hot artist with an entourage of people ready, willing and able to help make YOUR DREAM come true?  I get alot of texts, email, phone calls and even some Facebook messages of Independent Artists ready to leave the game and it all comes down to MONEY.  They believe in their project and are willing to get out there, but they have more bills than resources and all too soon that dream of touching the mic is now a thing of the past.

That's why we created the station for artists that want to get out there and MAKE IT HAPPEN!  With "UNPAID" airplay and some other resources we've been able to help well over 100 artists get themselves heard and marketed in at least 7 countries (Japan, Korea, China, The UK, Canada, Australia and of course the US) and as the listenership grows we've been able to make new relationships in Germany, Qatar, Malaysia and parts of the Caribbean.  We'll talk more about that later.....

What I want to stress is that after airplay or even simultaneously any artist who's serious should be on the road at least 65% or more of the time during their career.  I mean Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall around the clock being relentless at self promotion.  Any well known artist will tell you that STRATEGIC MARKETING which is also about finding your niche or as we would say your EDGE over the next artist is all about getting out there so the people can make their decision.

Do you think that many of the artists that you hear today were just sitting back waiting to see if things would just happen!?  No.  And why should you when there are opportunities everywhere to make what you do come to life for those who'll listen.

With that said, we've got some opportunities for people like you who want to be seen by over 20,000 potential fans and to visit some key cities during the Black College Football Classics Tour.  Beginning next month the kick off begins and the stages are being what about you being seen by them?  It's an opportunity that not many will take, but how about you?

We'll be writing and talking about this great opportunity here on the blog as well as on the show ( and you'll see what we stay tuned and let us know who's taking this chance so we can shout you out for the world to hear!

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