Sunday, August 29, 2010

Global Grinding Towards Success

Hitting the touring circuit is not always easy and especially when you're taking it on the international level.  There are so many choices to make and if you're depending on your own budget then that becomes an issue as well.  So, as we received many calls, texts and emails about the upcoming Black College Football Classics Tour and the Kansai Music Conference in Osaka, Japan we wanted to remind people about the overall objective.  It's about gaining ground in your markets and of course putting money in your pocket.

The touring circuit allows new fans to connect with you and more importantly you get to know what some of their favorite cover songs are that you are able to incorporate in your show.   Meeting your fans face to face opens up a world of possibilities every time you drop a new single or even an album or trailer for an independent film.  To take your talent to the world is PRICELESS and it also means LONGEVITY~

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