Sunday, August 29, 2010

Global Grinding Towards Success

Hitting the touring circuit is not always easy and especially when you're taking it on the international level.  There are so many choices to make and if you're depending on your own budget then that becomes an issue as well.  So, as we received many calls, texts and emails about the upcoming Black College Football Classics Tour and the Kansai Music Conference in Osaka, Japan we wanted to remind people about the overall objective.  It's about gaining ground in your markets and of course putting money in your pocket.

The touring circuit allows new fans to connect with you and more importantly you get to know what some of their favorite cover songs are that you are able to incorporate in your show.   Meeting your fans face to face opens up a world of possibilities every time you drop a new single or even an album or trailer for an independent film.  To take your talent to the world is PRICELESS and it also means LONGEVITY~

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Just To Get A Rep

In the infamous words of Guru in "Just To Get A Rep" I was reminded of what the game of Hip Hop has become.  It used to be a creative hustle in which MC's, DJ's, Breakers, etc would just be together.  Form a bond have fun and break loose from whatever was going on inside their homes, their heads, school, work and would just maintain the culture by sounding the alarm on the dance floor, makeshift clubs and of course on the streets.  It was the alternative to just basketball being on the courts and it was born so that those of us who were left out of the parks normal recreation into something of another expression which was just as hot as shootin' shots and gaining points on those courts.  Girls would put on their "playboy bunny logo" hoodies with the matching Adidas or Lotto's and of course the Lee Jeans (two-toned optional) and of course the socks had to match along with the clip on feathers attached to your belt loop with your street name emblazoned on your belt buckle and did I forget the matching silver name chain to go with it?  Oh, and the boys who knew they were all that would be about it with their latest on too.

There was love for the game even if there wasn't love for each other and at the end of the day when the battles were over in the parks and the street lights came on everyone was getting ready for the next battle either at a school party, the playground, on the train, at a bus stop, the cafeteria or wherever and it was all about rep.  The good thing was that fist fights turned to mic fights and everyone went home to talk about it and come back in the rap ring for round after round of never ending S&^% talkin' and we made it happen for the pure love it to get a rep.

Nowadays it's turned into an "All About The Benjamins" (The McKinleys-$500 bill, The Clevelands-$1000 bill, The Madisons-$5000 bill, etc) and although many of us are trying to turn our passion into profit--when did it become a hustle to hurt one another just to get a rep.  When Rappers take on each other and battle in the stats to see who's getting the most sales that's cool, but to take another rapper and look to destroy his/her career in what is known as "entertainment" over reputation of who has really lived the life that they personify in their songs then I've got to ask "what's the motive"?

When it's all said and done we all have families that we wish no harm to; we all have lives that supercede the stage; and more importantly it's the future of our culture that is at stake--let's face it, none of us are going to be here forever, but once you make your mark on wax, film or paper you preserve a legacy.

I've never heard of Al Pacino or Robert DeNiro lurking through the press sending messages to kill one another if the other does a movie that remotely looks like something each have done;  I've never heard of Jack Nicholson looking for Tom Cruise to pay him back for pulling him out in "A Few Good Men" because it's all entertainment.  It's also called MATURITY.

To many of us this art or this thing called entertainment equals LIFE or CULTURE, but to kill each other "just to get a rep" I turn us back to Guru's lyrics...."but as we know things do come back, and shortys now peeping others that are scheming the kind of act..." Moral of the story...what you may knock someone else out of the game for just to make yourself look good or make sales will come back to haunt you too.....

Friday, August 27, 2010

Gotta Spread The Love? Go ON TOUR!

Ask any artist signed or unsigned and they'll tell you that getting PAID is what it's all about! Whether you're still independent or making moves to get a deal; putting money in your pocket is why many if not all of us got into the game!

Just recently we were hit with some major ways for artists to get paid, and we just want to share one that we know keeps the pockets laced if you have the right stuff.  GOING ON TOUR! 

Show money is big money because not only are you getting an opportunity to perform for fans as well as potential new fans, but you're also merchandising, you've got your street team touching the crowd (hyping you to the audience) and more importantly you're opening an avenue to GET PAID!

Now, many Independent Artists often hit the wall when it comes to touring.  It's a time when some artists want to sit back and let their managers handle all of that or if they're fortunate to have a booking agent, then that's the point person who's ready to place that artist anywhere there's a mic.  But what if you're not a hot artist with an entourage of people ready, willing and able to help make YOUR DREAM come true?  I get alot of texts, email, phone calls and even some Facebook messages of Independent Artists ready to leave the game and it all comes down to MONEY.  They believe in their project and are willing to get out there, but they have more bills than resources and all too soon that dream of touching the mic is now a thing of the past.

That's why we created the station for artists that want to get out there and MAKE IT HAPPEN!  With "UNPAID" airplay and some other resources we've been able to help well over 100 artists get themselves heard and marketed in at least 7 countries (Japan, Korea, China, The UK, Canada, Australia and of course the US) and as the listenership grows we've been able to make new relationships in Germany, Qatar, Malaysia and parts of the Caribbean.  We'll talk more about that later.....

What I want to stress is that after airplay or even simultaneously any artist who's serious should be on the road at least 65% or more of the time during their career.  I mean Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall around the clock being relentless at self promotion.  Any well known artist will tell you that STRATEGIC MARKETING which is also about finding your niche or as we would say your EDGE over the next artist is all about getting out there so the people can make their decision.

Do you think that many of the artists that you hear today were just sitting back waiting to see if things would just happen!?  No.  And why should you when there are opportunities everywhere to make what you do come to life for those who'll listen.

With that said, we've got some opportunities for people like you who want to be seen by over 20,000 potential fans and to visit some key cities during the Black College Football Classics Tour.  Beginning next month the kick off begins and the stages are being what about you being seen by them?  It's an opportunity that not many will take, but how about you?

We'll be writing and talking about this great opportunity here on the blog as well as on the show ( and you'll see what we stay tuned and let us know who's taking this chance so we can shout you out for the world to hear!

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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Truth About Leaving Your CASH On The Table

So you're getting your buzz up around the world and you're making moves internationally...downloads, website hits and even trying to find gigs too.  Well, here's some guerilla marketing tips just for you:

First off, it's great if you're getting hits internationally and especially downloads, but what do you do when your next single or album comes out?  I've seen so many artists who are making thier strides worldwide make the same mistake again and again and now we're here to help.

Just a few years ago (2001) we took what we had to Japan and opened up shop in a small city just south of Tokyo (Shizuoka) and it was there that we began to see what's really going on.  To really make an impact it's mostly about relationships and those relationships turn into money.  Money that will keep coming in if you know how to work those relationships with or without touring.

It's time that you banked those relationships and make them work for you time and again.  Join us on @ 8pm (EST) and ON DEMAND immediately following the show when we will be going into depth with "Making The Deal Come To You" and so much more!

Make sure to log this call in number in your phone:  347-426-3974 or friend us on blogtalk and join the chat!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Power By Association: The New Paradigm in Business & Relationships

It is often said that the best relationship to have is one where YOU are living your dream and being successful.  Our best opportunity to make that happen is to study the possibilities of where you want to go in life and begin scouting through many resources to attain those relationships or that particular relationship that will lead you to your eventual goal.

In the business of music and especially for independent artists we are challenged to make a career with limited or in most cases, no monetary resources and alot of dreams and ideas.  The best remedy is a healthy dose of "right" relationships and it begins with the relationship you have with yourself.  The foundation of your relationship with self is CONFIDENCE.  To develop a keen sense of self that regardless as to what others say about your move to go or stay independent--you are making your mark on the world by blazing a trail that is often a lonely one.

The next relationship to take charge of are people around you.  Those who believe in you and more importantly getting rid of those who choose to interfere with your path of success.  As you advance in your relationships the next is your business relationship which begins with research.  Research of those businesses and people who head the businesses you are interested in.  This is where the real investigation begins.

As you take your career to new levels and blaze the trail these people who are making an impact on you personally are going to help make your business grow too.  It is the mantra in business to "look at the five people you associate with and you'll notice your success or under achievement".  It will be the change that you need for success or it will be the chance to make more solid relationships.

Supporting your personal and professional movement in entertainment or in any business starts and ends with the right relationships.......

More on this subject in future blogs.

Tune In and see who we spoke with: "Power By Association: The New Paradigm in Business and Relationships"