Saturday, July 24, 2010

Summer Festivals and YOU!

Peace to Everyone!

To the teams our there on the ground making our market GROW we salute you! I want to call attention to the Providence Sound Sessions in Rhode Island (USA). A nearly week long festival of epic proportions set in the quaint small New England town of Providence and absolutely taking the world by storm.

Seven years and counting this event is host to over 400 acts, is co-sponsored by the city and has some 40,000 plus attendees. Now, as independent artists we should all be encouraged by this "movement" and we were joined the other night on by DJ Tek and Weusi who were there to share with us the light they've been shining up the way.

We were joined by Switzerland (LIVE) and of course we had callers from around the US who were showing their love and support for the event. Our fans in Japan, Australia, China and some other choice countries caught the show ON DEMAND (as you can also). So, what's stopping you?

Summer festivals, conferences, conventions, etc are the way to get yourself out there and one place to start is with us...FOR FREE! We review, play and promote your music as well as events and with a whole world behind us and over 5,000 listeners we're making it happen.

The next time you envision yourself rocking a mic think that there are fans just waiting to hear you. Until next time,


The Q Team!

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