Sunday, May 23, 2010

It's The Return That So Many Waited For

Greetings To All!
It was a little over a year that we began the journey into internet radio and it seemed like it would be over in less than our year that we would be packing and heading back to life as usual.  Well, the people spoke, we got some rest and regrouped the crew and now we're back and with a few new twists...
1) QMediaNation is back on BlogTalkRadio and has since changed its format into an ONLINE "RADIO" MAGAZINE which is why we were so eager to start blogging again.  You see, 2 hours clearly is just not enough time to finish every topic that is discussed, create links to our other ventures and to the guests and it's certainly not enough time to get all the questions in either soooo QMediaNation Family we are taking the show and placing it on blogspot which will also allow us to show pictures and videos to compliment the show.

2)  It's true that we've added some folks to the team besides Ms. Tonye and me.  Little does everyone know we've added one of the top relationship experts to the QMedia roster and he's going to take us through the relationship maze and be on hand to answer questions, give advice and more importantly help all of us create better ones.  His name if most of you don't easily remember is Minister Abdul Hafeez Muhammad of Muhammad Mosque #7 (NYC).  He was blazing the airwaves every week on 105.1 fm and has now joined our team to take the work further as independent radio is making its impact on the worldwide market.  He is sure to help you and we'll be unveiling some other great news about this new addition in the months ahead.

3)  Since we're a global entity with plenty of pull in other countries some of our segments will soon be delivered in various languages.  Chiefly English and then we have an international staff who will be helping us to deliver the message in Japanese, Spanish, Arabic and French (just to name a few languages).  To be global we've really set a high standard to increase our visibility on the world stage.

4) INDEPENDENT ENTERTAINMENT is why we began this show for those artists who are looking to not only form a network, but those who really want to stay aware of the many opportunities out there for all of us.  For starters, we encourage independent artists to send us their 1:00minute MP3 clips along with a bio so we can let our audience know and feel who you are.  We also encourage artists to interview on our show in order for people to ask them questions as well and really bring them front and center on the world stage through our show.

5) ADVERTISERS!  We're creating more ways for small businesses in virtually every market to get their name out there to the world.  Whether they are an online or brick and mortar business we're in the process of designing more bang for the buck so that businesses don't go broke trying to let others know who they are.

6) UNIQUE PARTNERSHIPS/SOCIAL NETWORKING:  The key to being and staying in radio is the ability to offer quality, be entertaining and publicize, publicize, publicize.  By consistently partnering with others in the industry along with taking part in social networking QMediaNation is growing to be one of the more popular shows on BlogTalkRadio while at the same time helping other partners spread the word about what they have going on in the world.
Some of our partners and relationships consist of industry leaders who are taking the business side of entertainment and networking to another level.  Presently, The IDJTrade Awards, SGS Global Multimedia, The Kansai Music Conference and many others are connecting with the QMediaNation show and are making sure that we are not only given the information for their respective events, but that we are a part of some or all of the planning for these events.  The most exciting part about this is that we're not just announcing what's happening to help our industry grow, but we're on the inside and bringing you up to date, to the minute information!

7)  Every show will have a written update.  Clearly, we need more time together on the show so some of our segments will include transcripts and links so that YOU the reader will be able to contact them and receive the information that we only covered in a short amount of time while on the air.  

8)  Lastly, we thank YOU for braving the storm with us as we were not on the air for a few months and we hope that you'll become a contributing supporter for years to come!

KYOSKETE (Japanese for Take Care)

And we look forward to having you on the line with us:
Call In #: 347-426-3974
1st & 3rd Thursdays @ 8pm (EST)
Skype: Qumai.Muhammad
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Office:  201-203-1983

Peace!         One Love!

The QTeam!

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