Saturday, December 19, 2009

It's A Matter of WHEN...

Greetings To All,

In this holiday season with nearly a year since a new American president being installed I am reminded of a saying, "it's a matter of when".   In this blog we're really talking about economics here OPENLY and without hesitation.  As unemployment numbers go up, banks shifting their focus away from small businesses, the slicing of credit to consumers, creative financing options for all of us waning and every other type of indication that things are really falling apart--I wanted us to focus on some other thoughts as we are struggling through this economic maze in search of something that will stimulate our personal/business funds.

Clearly stated the economy of America was established long before the country took shape and became a Republic and after years of infighting as well as clearing its borders of real or imagined tyranny it finally became the budding NEW WORLD that its origin intent was set for. I would suggest that we are back at that point again but with alot more people, ideas, cultures, religions and such than what was established over 200 years ago.  I would contend that we are now at that juncture where new ideas, cultures, systems, thoughts are now being introduced with the cultural canon of inclusion being at its base.

As more and more people are learning to develop SYSTEMS by which to do business old models of "haves" and "have nots" are falling.  The field of business where once it seemed to be about "hustling" to make it is now an accepted term now used called "insulated economies".  The terminology has changed because the thinking to determine how business is done has changed.  So, new "economists", "business minds", "entrepreneurs" are taking matters into their own hands and are beginning to turn their economies into systems of exchange where both money and services along with products are the means to survival.

It has always been this type of movement however, in this day and age where whole countries are falling because of the lack of REAL change for the betterment of everyone it has become a world filled with the destiny to take charge of the communities that matter.  Therefore, if the community that you live in should be safe instead of paying for police to protect it--people are learning to protect themselves; in communities where there is a shortage of food and the grocery stores are selling less than nutritional value--people are beginning to start buying clubs or growing their own and exchanging with one another;  where there is shortage the people are responding out of NEED.

So, it has never been a matter of HOW when it comes down to it.....IT'S ALWAYS BEEN A MATTER OF WHEN!

Join us again for PART II when we'll go deeper into this topic with in depth interviews of who's doing what and how you can build something for yourself too.

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