Saturday, December 12, 2009

Freedom Is....

As we're winding down for the 1st half of the season I wanted to get a chance to thank everyone publicly especially the fans and most notably our co-host, "Miss Tonye".  It's not everyday that you get to do what you love and with the people who love you most and for that I am grateful and thankful.

A few short months ago when we started back in the world of radio we didn't know what to expect and here it is a little over six months and we're boasting a worldwide audience that touches people from ALL seven continents.  Who would have thought that you could reach the world from your living room ten years ago?

As the world gets smaller because of modern technology it would seem that we would all grow a little closer and that would make all the difference, however it seems that more than ever we're all looking for a little breathing room.  To that I say, "MAKE SPACE IN YOUR MIND FOR YOU!"

The mind is the only place that if you truly choose to retreat it can happen!  It is where dreams can come true before reality takes its place and its the one place no one can take from you.  I am reminded of a friend who was once incarcerated and he told me that he really learned alot about connecting internally when the world was crumbling around him.  To that I say  GOOD ADVICE and I'm sharing it with you.

So, my friends it's that season to take time out for yourself and be all you can be in the mind first and the rest will follow!


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