Sunday, August 30, 2009

Fighting The Bullies

Every industry and in every part of life there are going to be bullies. People who believe that they have the right to aggress on others simply because they believe that there is some sort of "percieved" power that they have over another person or people.

The entertainment industry was no different. When large companies believed themselves to be the "only game in town" and the "little guys" thought so little of themselves, then in fact the "big guys" kicked them around. Then, as the world economy changed and the little guys started to band together with little guys like themselves then they realized that the big guys were full of air and so the wind was knocked out of the corporate heads (uhh I mean...) big guys.

Now, virtually anyone with a mic, mixing board and computer can make and sell music around the world and without corporate influence. There are folks making money left and right and serving their better interests by banding together and making things happen for themselves.

Today's message is: Goliath thought that he could win too, but David made sure that he didn't!

Go out and find others like yourself who want to make a commitment to change and MAKE THINGS HAPPEN FOR YOURSELF!

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