Sunday, May 10, 2009

It's On!

Summer '09. Proving to be the summer of comebacks since this near death economic experience in the industry. As we all know this is the season to get yourself out there and into the limelight.
Music Festivals, Street Fairs, Clubs, Venues, Drops, Block Parties, House Parties, Open Mics, Cookouts you name it and you've got to be there!
You've got to be willing to perform everywhere and heave your material handy with the touch of a finger (which would be on your instrumental cd to be popped in the cd player) and of course from the top of your head.
Dedication! And the WILL to make it happen for yourself is right here waiting and we are too!
We're here to help you achieve your success... 201-203-1983
Send us your presskits and let's make it happen!

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