Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Guerilla Marketing in the Community

First off...e.Happy Earthday to the one and only the infamous Minister Malcolm!
So you're having an event and you want the community to know that you are putting them on your ultimate guest list.
The #1 way for us to do this is get out there with DOOR HANGERS!
Your message has to be clear, colorful and straight to the point.
Your street team has to mean business and the community has to be blanketed with your message.
This is the surest and best way to get the information out. It is 100% legal as long as you do not leave anything in their mailboxes and it can be done in an instant.
You want your attendance to increase at your next event?
Then follow this GUERILLA MARKETING pattern and track your results. You are sure to see a change.....

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

College Market Grind

Good Day Everyone!
I have been getting alot of inquiries in my office about the college market so I decided that no better time than the present to write this since the colleges are due to close for the semester in the next few days.
First off, the college market is by far are the most diverse of any that I have had the opportunity to work with. They represent the most diverse population of 18-21 year olds who come from various states and countries that we can tap into at any given time. College students are generally loyal to the people that come and visit who also put on a GREAT show. The best part about this market is that those who become your fan do not necessarily live in the town or state that the school is in and will often take your music back to their hometown and share it!
This market is quite inexpensive and could reap huge returns over the long haul because if you continue to play at the same schools.....First year students become second year students and so forth and so on. So, your following gets familiar over the years and you have an opportunity to gain new followers.
Now, wouldn't you like to add these folks to your marketing plan and get going on that circuit? Let us know!

Monday, May 11, 2009

That Familiar Thing

Good Day Everyone!
You know that familiar thing that we all know we have to do, but wish that somebody else would do for us? It's called MARKETING...
How many of us would rather leave the sales and marketing of our music to somebody else and just perform? I know I used to think that. But just think that everytime you step on that stage it's you that people are coming to see so don't you think (believe) that you are the best person your fans should hear from?
I mean isn't it something to have tools like the Internet, Twitter, MySpace, Facebook, Blogspot and others that put you right in touch with your fans at the touch of a button?
So, the next time you think of marketing make sure that it's all about reaching the people that want to reach you......MAKE IT A PRIORITY!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

It's On!

Summer '09. Proving to be the summer of comebacks since this near death economic experience in the industry. As we all know this is the season to get yourself out there and into the limelight.
Music Festivals, Street Fairs, Clubs, Venues, Drops, Block Parties, House Parties, Open Mics, Cookouts you name it and you've got to be there!
You've got to be willing to perform everywhere and heave your material handy with the touch of a finger (which would be on your instrumental cd to be popped in the cd player) and of course from the top of your head.
Dedication! And the WILL to make it happen for yourself is right here waiting and we are too!
We're here to help you achieve your success...
QMediaGroupUSA@gmail.com/ 201-203-1983
Send us your presskits and let's make it happen!