Saturday, December 19, 2009

It's A Matter of WHEN...

Greetings To All,

In this holiday season with nearly a year since a new American president being installed I am reminded of a saying, "it's a matter of when".   In this blog we're really talking about economics here OPENLY and without hesitation.  As unemployment numbers go up, banks shifting their focus away from small businesses, the slicing of credit to consumers, creative financing options for all of us waning and every other type of indication that things are really falling apart--I wanted us to focus on some other thoughts as we are struggling through this economic maze in search of something that will stimulate our personal/business funds.

Clearly stated the economy of America was established long before the country took shape and became a Republic and after years of infighting as well as clearing its borders of real or imagined tyranny it finally became the budding NEW WORLD that its origin intent was set for. I would suggest that we are back at that point again but with alot more people, ideas, cultures, religions and such than what was established over 200 years ago.  I would contend that we are now at that juncture where new ideas, cultures, systems, thoughts are now being introduced with the cultural canon of inclusion being at its base.

As more and more people are learning to develop SYSTEMS by which to do business old models of "haves" and "have nots" are falling.  The field of business where once it seemed to be about "hustling" to make it is now an accepted term now used called "insulated economies".  The terminology has changed because the thinking to determine how business is done has changed.  So, new "economists", "business minds", "entrepreneurs" are taking matters into their own hands and are beginning to turn their economies into systems of exchange where both money and services along with products are the means to survival.

It has always been this type of movement however, in this day and age where whole countries are falling because of the lack of REAL change for the betterment of everyone it has become a world filled with the destiny to take charge of the communities that matter.  Therefore, if the community that you live in should be safe instead of paying for police to protect it--people are learning to protect themselves; in communities where there is a shortage of food and the grocery stores are selling less than nutritional value--people are beginning to start buying clubs or growing their own and exchanging with one another;  where there is shortage the people are responding out of NEED.

So, it has never been a matter of HOW when it comes down to it.....IT'S ALWAYS BEEN A MATTER OF WHEN!

Join us again for PART II when we'll go deeper into this topic with in depth interviews of who's doing what and how you can build something for yourself too.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Freedom Is....

As we're winding down for the 1st half of the season I wanted to get a chance to thank everyone publicly especially the fans and most notably our co-host, "Miss Tonye".  It's not everyday that you get to do what you love and with the people who love you most and for that I am grateful and thankful.

A few short months ago when we started back in the world of radio we didn't know what to expect and here it is a little over six months and we're boasting a worldwide audience that touches people from ALL seven continents.  Who would have thought that you could reach the world from your living room ten years ago?

As the world gets smaller because of modern technology it would seem that we would all grow a little closer and that would make all the difference, however it seems that more than ever we're all looking for a little breathing room.  To that I say, "MAKE SPACE IN YOUR MIND FOR YOU!"

The mind is the only place that if you truly choose to retreat it can happen!  It is where dreams can come true before reality takes its place and its the one place no one can take from you.  I am reminded of a friend who was once incarcerated and he told me that he really learned alot about connecting internally when the world was crumbling around him.  To that I say  GOOD ADVICE and I'm sharing it with you.

So, my friends it's that season to take time out for yourself and be all you can be in the mind first and the rest will follow!


Saturday, November 28, 2009

When It's Time, It's Time!

Good Day To All!
Having mentors in any walk of life is a treasure when you can learn from others and improve on a road that's already been paved is a blessing.  When you've discovered that there is more to learn and more to be a part of in your chosen field it makes life a bit easier because at least there is a road map that you can follow.

When I thought about going back into radio full time I knew just what elements to put together because I had not really paid attention, but I was putting things in place before they materialized. I knew that I wanted to speak to people but I didn't have a book available; I had some friends with businesses but no real outlet to communicate with others about my friends products and services; I knew that I wanted to increase my own visibility as a writer but I just didn't know how to do it and in what form it would take.  However, when a dear friend and I began to talk he encouraged me to look into online radio and so began the quest...

You've got to know when it's time to move forward and assemble everything possible to make it happen.  Therefore, keep the thoughts of being successful in your mind on a daily and consistent basis and you will definitely bring people, resources, opportunities and SUCCESS your way.

See you at the top!  And if you get there before I do, then save a space for me!   SMILE!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Accepting The New Paradigm

Good Evening To All!
Most folks, unlike you don't know that the business paradigm has made a tremendous shift from consumer to business; to now business to business.  

What used to be just a consumer driven model to now businesses doing business with each other began back in the close of the last century....CLOSE OF THE LAST CENTURY?  That seems like a foreign time, but in 1999 that "New Millennium" thinking was taking shape and now we are beginning to catch on as there are more and more inroads being made by governments around the world to empower more people to work for themselves instead of someone else.

How are they doing this?  First off, there are more and more lay offs and the tightening of money going into the pockets of workers via taxes and other means to get what little we have; to top it off we are seeing more jobs being shipped to concentrated areas while home base appears to be a carcass waiting for the buzzards.

Now, I bring all of this up because there is a way to make what seems to be a GREAT CHALLENGE a MAJOR OPPORTUNITY!  By spreading the word about our businesses and continue helping us to stay in business we have the best opportunity available by supporting one another.  That's why we look forward to helping the underserved serve the rest of the world!

FREE SMALL ADVERTISING for your business is what you need to get underway......

Sunday, November 22, 2009

The Challenge of Being Independent!

You know, just as you begin to have the idea that it's then time to put your shoulder to the grind and make that vision a reality.  Having a business in mind is just the budding of the business becoming something that others could benefit from.  In a climate such as this where there is a new business model coming into place we are at the apex of creating that business model that is finally a success for those of us who are moving to be independent business owners.

We're on the move to making this happen and the challenge is getting people to see that this era is our finest!  It is the new millennium of independence from the past domination of the "have's" vs. the "have not's" and we are making a new mark!

So take the challenge to get into business and have the right kind of support:
Thursdays 9pm-11pm (*EST)

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Where Do You Go When They Fail You!?

Label after label, bank after bank and of course business after business is falling in this time of recession.  Some would ask "what do we do when the BIG guys fail?"  For some it spells doom while for others of us it spells O-P-P-O-R-T-U-N-I-T-Y!  In this word we see two very important words that I want to focus on for this segment: POOR and UNITY.  

It is in this time of poor leadership that got us to this point where we now have to depend on our unity to make better decisions.  It is poor planning that has swallowed up so many people in the process that it will take our unity to solve and even better it is poor placement of our hard earned dollars and good talent that we now have to create an atmosphere of unity to make it through.  

Did you know that through UNITY it will unlock every door of progress you need to catapult you to success?  Did you know that through UNITY we can accomplish changing the world around us?  Let me give you an example:  The record industry used to be ruled by a select few companies until artists began to take matters into their own hands and started making their own mixtapes, getting the dj's involved and even more.....MAKING THE MONEY THEY WOULD NOT HAVE MADE BEING TIED TO A LABEL.   The best part is that "crews" got together that used to otherwise dream of meeting the right person and they began to look at themselves.  They decided to change the landscape of business as we knew it and went directly to the consumer.

That's why it's so important for us to UNITE and depend on ourselves for the survival of our businesses.

Join us this week on as we go to the other side of the world to hear from our correspondents in Asia.  Thursday, November 19 @9pm (EST)  To call in during the LIVE program, call:  347-426-3974  and if you need an interview to add to your EPK (Electronic Press Kit) we're here to help set that up on our show!

Friday, November 13, 2009

The Power of ONE!

Greetings to everyone as I write to you from South Carolina.  Bennettsville to be exact on what is the 13th day of November leading up to my 40th birthday.

I remember being 19 and saying that by the time I am 40 I will be a MILLIONAIRE!  With no real plan, connections or even belief in what I was saying I still had it in my mind to do just that.  Here it is 20 years later and I am on my way!  It is great to call something out that you want to happen, but it's even GREATER when you can believe it that which you call out and then reap the benefit of that belief.

It wasn't until I began to understand that a MILLION DOLLARS is not just the effort of one person doing ALL the work, but it is the culmination of groups of people with the MASTERMIND PRINCIPLE in place that makes the difference.  It wasn't until I began to go on a fact finding journey in my own mind to determine just "HOW" I would raise this million dollars that I began to focus in on the "work" of getting to that goal.  I would have to say that slowing the mind down to a pace that you can find peace and enjoyment in getting to your goal is only 1/2 the battle of achievement.

The Power of ONE is the method in getting to that goal.  To be ONE with the Creator; to be ONE with yourself (not all kinds of thoughts all over the place; to be ONE with those whom you feel are in the same mind you are in is the icing on the cake.

Each and every week a group of us join together to make each other's goal become that much clearer.  We meet online for two hours to share, discuss, laugh, enjoy, brainstorm, invite, refer, interview and so many other things because each of us have something to contribute to the other person ACHIEVING and we all have a part to play in each other's success.  Therefore I am inviting you to be with us too!
Thursdays:  9pm-11pm (EST)  Check Site Listing For Updated Shows
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Monday, November 9, 2009

Using Online Radio To Build Your Business

Hello to Everyone!
It was miraculous to see that our online radio show views went from nearly a thousand people in three months and then taking two months off to do some pretty heavy online social marketing to nearly 5,000.
The power of creative social marketing is taking our businesses to the next level and we're here to invite you to do the same.
Join us each and every week as we take well known and virtually unknown people along with their businesses to a worldwide audience.  Through programming, inviting, lively and in depth conversations we are able to be one of the premiere online marketing sites to put you and your business on the map.
With several countries on our list of listeners/partners; a well rounded cast of supporting personalities and a host of tools/ideas we are making our mark on the business world for you....

To give a quick listen go to: and by all means be a part of our blog by subscribing

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Today Is The Day

Well, it's finally here!  The day that we have been waiting to begin the season here at QMediaTalkRadio.  We took a few months off from the computer but not from researching, making friends and of course looking for more opportunities to expand.  So far we're in Japan, Australia, the Caribbean, Canada and soooo many other places.  We're expanding into event hosting, partnerships with other independent media and more importantly just being there for our listeners and we're set to get it done tonight with me, Sister Falana and Miss Tonye as your hosts along with Guest Host Minister Hafeez Muhammad tonight at 9pm.  

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Fighting The Bullies

Every industry and in every part of life there are going to be bullies. People who believe that they have the right to aggress on others simply because they believe that there is some sort of "percieved" power that they have over another person or people.

The entertainment industry was no different. When large companies believed themselves to be the "only game in town" and the "little guys" thought so little of themselves, then in fact the "big guys" kicked them around. Then, as the world economy changed and the little guys started to band together with little guys like themselves then they realized that the big guys were full of air and so the wind was knocked out of the corporate heads (uhh I mean...) big guys.

Now, virtually anyone with a mic, mixing board and computer can make and sell music around the world and without corporate influence. There are folks making money left and right and serving their better interests by banding together and making things happen for themselves.

Today's message is: Goliath thought that he could win too, but David made sure that he didn't!

Go out and find others like yourself who want to make a commitment to change and MAKE THINGS HAPPEN FOR YOURSELF!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Indepence In Media

What does it all mean to be independent? Is it the money, the creative control, the right to say or do what you want with your talent? Well dear audience that is it and more. What being independent has meant to all of us at the QMedia Team is what we share with others. You know, a few short years ago we made the plunge to be a part of the Independent Business and Artist Community and for 8 years it has been our life. We want you to join with us in this movement to make the market GROW!

Direct to the people marketing is not a new concept, but to many people it seems like the loneliest possible road that artists could take. But to so many others it is a way of life and that's what we're here to help you do.

So join us for our last few weeks during the pilot season and let's keep this industry going!

Friday, July 31, 2009

Building A Global Brand

How often have you heard "Our Time Is Now!" It was a familiar saying in the 60's and 70's to describe a movement and so it is with TODAY. Borrowing from our Baby Boom Generation right up until the Generation Y we are longing for that TIME to do what we know is in our best interest. To go GLOBALLY INDEPENDENT!
There was a time when the world seemed lonely, cold, disconnected and the only images we saw of places far away from us were those images that made us afraid and even more unaware. Now, with tourism, dual residencies, home stays and in general the Internet many of us know at least a person or two that come from another country or who has been to another country. Well, if you don't now you know me (SMILE).
Developing your brand as a business (artist) is what makes you noticeable and now that there are tools all over the Internet to help you we are here for you too. So, if you're looking for a place for your business and need the tools to build your brand internationally we're here for you.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

It's All About The Here and Now...

Well, folks we have been going strong during the pilot season of the show for QMedia and just like that we are growing by leaps and bounds. We're in the 5th week with some good news to share with everyone....From Gospel to Hip Hop and all points in between we are bringing the best of the INDIE BUSINESS AND MUSIC WORLD into a forum that the world is appreciating. In depth interviews, fun programming, TWO of the best hosts in indie talk radio and a ton of friends from all over the world!

So, we're inviting you to join us, get involved and be heard because the world is waiting!

Your Truly,

The Q Team

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Guerilla Marketing in the Community

First off...e.Happy Earthday to the one and only the infamous Minister Malcolm!
So you're having an event and you want the community to know that you are putting them on your ultimate guest list.
The #1 way for us to do this is get out there with DOOR HANGERS!
Your message has to be clear, colorful and straight to the point.
Your street team has to mean business and the community has to be blanketed with your message.
This is the surest and best way to get the information out. It is 100% legal as long as you do not leave anything in their mailboxes and it can be done in an instant.
You want your attendance to increase at your next event?
Then follow this GUERILLA MARKETING pattern and track your results. You are sure to see a change.....

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

College Market Grind

Good Day Everyone!
I have been getting alot of inquiries in my office about the college market so I decided that no better time than the present to write this since the colleges are due to close for the semester in the next few days.
First off, the college market is by far are the most diverse of any that I have had the opportunity to work with. They represent the most diverse population of 18-21 year olds who come from various states and countries that we can tap into at any given time. College students are generally loyal to the people that come and visit who also put on a GREAT show. The best part about this market is that those who become your fan do not necessarily live in the town or state that the school is in and will often take your music back to their hometown and share it!
This market is quite inexpensive and could reap huge returns over the long haul because if you continue to play at the same schools.....First year students become second year students and so forth and so on. So, your following gets familiar over the years and you have an opportunity to gain new followers.
Now, wouldn't you like to add these folks to your marketing plan and get going on that circuit? Let us know!

Monday, May 11, 2009

That Familiar Thing

Good Day Everyone!
You know that familiar thing that we all know we have to do, but wish that somebody else would do for us? It's called MARKETING...
How many of us would rather leave the sales and marketing of our music to somebody else and just perform? I know I used to think that. But just think that everytime you step on that stage it's you that people are coming to see so don't you think (believe) that you are the best person your fans should hear from?
I mean isn't it something to have tools like the Internet, Twitter, MySpace, Facebook, Blogspot and others that put you right in touch with your fans at the touch of a button?
So, the next time you think of marketing make sure that it's all about reaching the people that want to reach you......MAKE IT A PRIORITY!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

It's On!

Summer '09. Proving to be the summer of comebacks since this near death economic experience in the industry. As we all know this is the season to get yourself out there and into the limelight.
Music Festivals, Street Fairs, Clubs, Venues, Drops, Block Parties, House Parties, Open Mics, Cookouts you name it and you've got to be there!
You've got to be willing to perform everywhere and heave your material handy with the touch of a finger (which would be on your instrumental cd to be popped in the cd player) and of course from the top of your head.
Dedication! And the WILL to make it happen for yourself is right here waiting and we are too!
We're here to help you achieve your success... 201-203-1983
Send us your presskits and let's make it happen!